Boat Steering Wheel Play Adjustment – Keep Boat in Proper Maintenance

Boat Steering Wheel 3

We all want to keep our boats in proper maintenance. But the boat steering play can be really annoying especially when it requires adjustment. Boat steering wheel play, or looseness in the steering, can make operating a boat difficult and potentially dangerous. To ensure smooth and safe steering, it’s important to regularly adjust the steering … Read more

Yamaha Outboard Not Pumping Water – Reasons And Solutions

Yamaha Outboard Water Pumping Problems

You bought a second-hand boat. Suddenly a malfunction shows up, that water is not streaming through the motor. And you are confused about how to fix it. So, you’re thinking, Why is Yamaha outboard not pumping water? This type of technical issue occurs in any vehicle and that’s absolutely normal. There might be various reasons … Read more

CMap Vs. Navionics – The Superior Navigational Chart

The Superior Navigational Chart

Tired of having to decide between CMap and Navionics? You must be here to table that discussion once and for all. So, which one’s better, CMap vs Navionics? When it comes to beginner friendliness, Navionics is better. CMap on the other hand has a lot of options to choose from. Custom depth shading and bathymetric … Read more

Evinrude Tilt Trim Relay Box Location – All You Need to Know

Location Of Evinrude Tilt Trim Relay Box

The position of each coil determines how much power moves to that circuit at any given time. An operator may fine-tune the amount of power that reaches certain cylinders. And modify their RPM by shifting individual coils into different locations. So it’s important to know the Evinrude tilt trim relay box location. Trim Relays are … Read more