Suzuki 4 Stroke Outboard vs Yamaha: Which Should You Go For?

yamaha vs suzuki motor

Investing in outboard motors is not a joke. They cost a lot of money. You can’t just buy another one if they aren’t living up to your expectations. That’s why you’ve to know them and pick the best one. So, which outboard motor should you get, Suzuki 4-stroke outboard vs Yamaha? Obviously, price-wise, Yamaha is … Read more

Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Problems: 4 Issues and Solutions!

Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Problems whit this engine

Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke is a reliable outboard motor. However, it does face some problems which are frustrating. So, how can you fix Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke problems? Mercury 60 hp 4 stroke can face fuel problems. Using a high-quality 10-micron separator can solve the issue. Another problem it faces is carburetor buildup. … Read more