Can You Fit a 10 Ft Kayak in an SUV? Be Safe in Transport

Getting into kayaking usually comes with a lot of questions and doubts, many of which include obtaining the kayak and then handling it. Someone who has never owned a boat or anything similar does not have any idea about how challenging it can be done to so. While actually buying a kayak is a problem … Read more

Kayaks or Canoes: Which Is Easier to Tip?

Canoes vs Kayaking

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Can You Get Stuck Upside Down in a Kayak? Safety Guide

Kayak flips over tips

Staying safe is the ultimate way of protecting yourself and others around you regardless of the situation or activity. When doing something for the very first time, no matter how dangerous it actually is, there is plenty of need for caution and care. The same goes for kayaking. Using a kayak as a beginner is … Read more