Kayaking in Loch Lomond: 11 Things You Should Know

It seems that holidays are around the corner and you are planning to treat yourself to an adventurous one. In this case, you may want to go kayaking in the freshwater Scottish loch of Loch Lomond. It lies between the lowlands of Central Scotland and the Highlands. Loch Lomond is home to picturesque villages, rolling … Read more

What is a Ghost Carp: Origins, Habitat, and How to Catch Them

The ghost carp have spread to other parts of the world, including Asia, after being discovered for the first time in the lower Great Lakes in the 1970s. The scientific name for the fish, also known as the common carp, silver carp, and golden carp, is Cyprinus carpio. This article contains detailed insights on what … Read more

What Does Tripletail Fish Taste Like + Best Way to Cook It!

tripletail fish taste

Usually, fish lovers must have come across many kinds of fish that can switch their taste buds on. Some kinds of fish will be available in freshwater, and some might be available in seawater. The only difference between freshwater and saltwater fish is the salt flavor that the fish has. But people often doubt the … Read more

What Does Fish Poop Look Like?

Whether you are looking forward to getting fish as pets or want to satisfy your curiosity, there is nothing wrong with wondering what fish poop looks like. Much like the fecal matter of any other species, there are multiple variations related to fish feces that you would need to know about. The color, consistency, and … Read more