How to Fish From a Kayak: Becoming A Kayak Fisherman

Many people probably wonder why someone would choose to fish from a kayak instead of fishing from a motorboat and the answer to that question is actually manyfold. However, three definitive answers to that question are expense, stealth, and challenge. A fishing kayak and the accompanying gear is far less expensive to purchase than a … Read more

How to Paddle Safely as a Group

Humans by nature are social animals and thus, many people prefer company when they paddle. Then, there is the issue of safety since paddling a kayak does present the paddler with certain inherent risks and thus, padding with a partner or a group is safer than paddling alone. However, padding with a group can be … Read more

How to Plan a Kayak Trip

When most paddlers venture out onto the water in their kayaks for a day, they have no specific destination in mind and no specific paddling plan and, while there is certainly nothing wrong with this approach, it can pose a problem. After all, all avid outdoorsman are well aware of Murphy’s First Law which states… … Read more

How to Buy a Used Kayak

Many people who would like to take up the sport of kayaking immediately discard the idea upon seeing the cost of a new kayak because even a plastic recreational kayak can be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, buying a used kayak is a far more cost effective alternative because older model used kayaks can often be purchased … Read more

Soft Chined vs. Hard Chined Kayaks

While most people today know what a kayak is and what they look like, they are not aware of their many different design aspects. However, the fact is that when a kayak designer sits down to design a kayak hull, there are many different factors that they must consider because changing any one of those … Read more

Tippy vs Stable Kayaks: What’s Best?

Although there are many people who are fascinated with the sport of kayaking and would really like to give it a try, the fact is that the fear of capsizing prevents many novice paddlers from taking up the sport and, those that do, often purchase kayaks with a very high degree of initial stability. However, … Read more

The Great Skeg vs Rudder Debate: What’s Best?

Anyone who is in the market for a modern touring kayak (aka sea kayak) will very likely be faced with the inevitable choice of choosing between a kayak with a skeg or a rudder. However, while this might seem like a relatively simple choice to many novice paddlers, the fact is that both skegs and … Read more

Plastic vs Composite Kayaks: Which is better?

When purchasing their first beginner kayak, novice paddlers are confronted with so many different types, brands, and models of kayaks that choosing a single kayak from among the many can be a daunting task. Thus, for most novice paddlers, the first decision is based on cost because plastic kayaks are inevitably much less expensive than … Read more

Recreational Kayaks vs Sea Kayaks: What’s the Difference?

When looking at kayaks, one of the first things that novice paddles notice that modern kayaks seem to come in different types. For instance, some are short and wide while others are long and slim. In addition, some are designed such that the paddler sits on top of the kayak while others are designed such … Read more

The 5 Best Recreational Kayaks Reviewed

Kayaking is one of the most fun, accessible water-based activities around. Unlike paddleboarding that can take a long time to master, kayaking is very much an instant sport. Even a complete novice can enjoy paddling through the water on their very first try! You can rent a kayak in most waterside destinations, and you could … Read more