Keepin’ it Cool: The Best Kayak Coolers

Kayakers love to discuss (or argue, more like!) the merits of different types of paddling equipment. For example, they talk about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of sit-in vs. sit-on kayaks, inflatable vs. rigid kayaks, solo vs. tandem kayaks, and recreational vs. touring kayaks. However, the one thing that almost all kayakers agree on is … Read more

Dewerstone Lifeshorts Review

After another frosty morning of trying to warm my fingers up enough to tighten the roof rack straps around my kayak, I can’t help but fantasise about paddling in the sunshine. Many of us are probably starting to think about plans for the summer and trips abroad, so I thought it was time to bring … Read more

Choosing The Best Kayak Paddle

Aside from your kayak, your paddle is the single most important kayak accessory that you can purchase because it not only enables you to propel and maneuver your kayak, it also has a major impact on both your paddling performance and your level of enjoyment while on the water. However, to the novice paddler, choosing … Read more

A Chef’s Guide To The Best Fillet Knives

Catching fish is a blast, but unless you only Catch-and-Release, you will need to be able to prepare your catch for the table. This entails knowing how to properly dress a fish for the various cooking methods available. Each method has advantages for particular types of cooking and serving. But one thing they have in … Read more

The Best Kayaking Dry Bags For Paddlers

Back in the day, if you wanted to keep your sandwich and change of clothes dry, you used waxed canvas bags or a sealable tin can. But of course, this type of storage was rife with very obvious problems. However, as plastic became a part of our everyday life, it became the natural substitute. It … Read more