The Best Kayak For Beginners

On the surface, all kayaks look pretty much the same, at least to a beginner. The reality is that there are hundreds if not thousands of different kayaks to choose from, and each one is designed with a specific user in mind. That means, if you are new to kayaking, you should not buy the … Read more

Choosing The Best Kayak Paddle

Aside from your kayak, your paddle is the single most important kayak accessory that you can purchase because it not only enables you to propel and maneuver your kayak, it also has a major impact on both your paddling performance and your level of enjoyment while on the water. However, to the novice paddler, choosing … Read more

The Best Spinning Rod For Bass Fishing

Bass are one of the most sought-after fish, and, for a lot of anglers, they are the ultimate prize. While catching a great bass is dependent on a fair amount of luck, skill also plays a part. You’ll get better at catching bass with more practice. The quality of your gear is also important, and … Read more

Going Light: The Best Ultralight Fishing Rods

An ultralight fishing rod is very much what it sounds like – it’s very light weight. However, it’s not just the rod that’s light. It’s designed to be used with very lightweight accessories too, including the reel, lures, and line. Ultralight rods tend to be shorter than offshore rods, and are best suited for smaller … Read more

What’s The Best Rowing Machine? – A World Record Breaker Guide

You’re probably reading this because you’re thinking about buying or renting the best rowing machine to improve your fitness. When buying a rowing machine, it’s important to choose one that suits your price range, ability and specifications. Buying a rowing machine can often be a daunting or challenging process. This guide will help you out. … Read more

The Best Kayaking Dry Bags For Paddlers

Back in the day, if you wanted to keep your sandwich and change of clothes dry, you used waxed canvas bags or a sealable tin can. But of course, this type of storage was rife with very obvious problems. However, as plastic became a part of our everyday life, it became the natural substitute. It … Read more

The Best Inflatable Kayaks: Portable + FUN

We enjoy nothing more than taking our kayaks down to the water and spending a few hours cruising the waterways. Some of us prefer to go further afield and take our kayaks camping whenever our schedules allow. Kayaking is good for your body and mind and provides the perfect way to escape the hustle and … Read more

Kayaking Shoes: Staying Comfortable On The Water

While there is nothing to stop you going barefoot or wearing everyday sneakers when you paddle your kayak, you’ll be more comfortable if you choose shoes specially made for watersports – also don’t forget to dress properly. Kayaking shoes will keep your feet warm, provide you with a better grip on wet surfaces, protect the … Read more