How to Choose a Freshwater Fly Selection

This is chapter 5 of our guide “The Art Of FlyFishing“ The single question most often asked by novice fly fishermen is how do I choose the right fly? Thus, if you read the plethora of literature written on this topic, you would very likely come to the conclusion that in order to become a … Read more

Where To Go Fly Fishing: 4 Ideal Spots To Catch Trout & More

This is chapter 3 of our guide “The Art Of FlyFishing“ Because fly fishing has traditionally consisted of fishing for various trout species in crystal clear mountain streams, many potential fly fisherman who would like to participate in this most fascinating form of fishing are dissuaded from doing so due to the fact that they … Read more

The 5 Best Fly Patterns Every Angler Needs

Even in the 21st Century, fly fishing is still inextricably linked to trout and salmon fishing. Certainly, it has a long and distinguished history as such. In the beginning, and for a long time, these were the only species the gear of the time could handle. Even a modest bass could destroy a delicate horse-hair … Read more

A Quick History of Fly Fishing: Is Fly Fishing Just For Trout?

It’s a good bet that many modern warm-water anglers have been frustrated at one time or another by a well-meaning person’s Angling-Impaired assumptions about fly fishing . Many’s the time that a person has seen my fly gear and immediately said, “Oh, you’re a trout fisherman, huh?” I’m sure they mean no harm. But why … Read more