How To fish Chironomids Fly Patterns

Chironomids, much like blue-winged olives or pale morning duns aren’t a fly pattern, exactly.  Rather, they refer to a whole class of flies tied to resemble a specific type of insect. Chironomids are usually tiny, unappealing flies and you may be tempted to pass over them in favor of something a little flashier. I know … Read more

The Copper John Fly Pattern

When you’re nymphing, a lot of success depends not on matching the correct color or size to aquatic insects, but on putting your nymph in the right spot. Trout like to sit near the bottom of flowing water and often won’t move very far in search of a meal. It’s a case of energy expenditure … Read more

The Lefty’s Deceiver Fly Pattern

The deceiver’s not a fly that I go to as often as I should which is a little surprising because it’s one of the greatest baitfish imitators ever created.  It could be argued that the deceiver is the best-known saltwater fly ever created.  After all, the US Postal Service honored it with its own stamp … Read more

The Blue Winged Olive Fly Pattern

There may be as many different blue winged olive patterns as there are blue winged olive species. For the sake of simplicity, it makes sense to cover all of these in a single entry rather than try to separate the unending variety.  Everyone that fishes trout has a preferred blue-winged olive pattern and it’s not … Read more

The Best Flies for Pike

Pike are apex predators.  That’s the first thing to remember when you’re trying to catch them. Virtually nothing underwater poses much of a threat to an adult pike.  Their only real threats come from bears, eagles and humans – all terrestrial creatures. While a trout may be spooked by an odd-looking fly or a loud, … Read more

The Clouser Minnow Fly Pattern

The Clouser Minnow (or Clouser Deep Minnow) is an astonishing series of patterns. It doesn’t look, at first glance, like a fly that would attract just about every game fish on the planet, in both fresh and salt water.  It’s one of the simpler patterns to tie and the original is just bucktail, krystal flash, … Read more

The 10 Best Trout Flies

Which fly catches the most fish or which fly every angler should have in their box is probably the debate that led to Dame Juliana Berners to write her book in 1496.  It’s the debate that lead to this article right now. What I’m trying to say is, people have been arguing about this forever. … Read more

The San Juan Worm

We’re digging into a controversial one here.  Opening a can of worms, if you will (I’ll stop now). Bad jokes aside, this simple pattern has caused more debates and arguments among fly anglers than, I think, any other in existence. A lot of purists will tell you that fishing the San Juan Worm isn’t fly … Read more

Green Drake Fly Pattern

Green Drakes refer both to a handful of mayfly species and to a handful of fly patterns designed to imitate them.  It’s not exactly one fly, but the use is so specific that I think it makes sense to cover the group as one. Green Drake hatches, in trout waters all over the world, are … Read more

The Chernobyl Ant Fly Pattern

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what things should look like or how things ought to work that we ignore what does work. The Chernobyl Ant is a perfect example.  At first glance, it looks terrible, like a child’s drawing of a cricket or the kind of thing somebody would come up with the … Read more