What To Eat Before And After A Rowing Machine Workout?

Diet can make or break the success of someone engaging in a fitness or sporting activity. And like any gym exercise, those who utilize rowing machines should approach the activity with particular fitness and weight management goals. Proper nutrition to fuel the body is necessary to help maximize the athletic performance and results in every … Read more

Simple Rowing Machine Warmup and Workout

Rowing on an Indoor rowing machine is an incredibly efficient, full-body workout that allows the athlete to build both anaerobic and aerobic endurance, muscular strength, stamina and flexibility at the same time. However, if there is a lack of proper technique, experience or warm-up, it can lead to misuse, muscular fatigue and injury. Basic Warm … Read more

The 4 Benefits Of Using a Rowing Machine

A rowing machine (or ergometer) is a piece of equipment that, to those new to a gym setting, may appear appropriate in only specialist training situations. As a result, the machines are often left unused in gyms and health clubs. That reality is extremely unfortunate as those familiar with the appropriate workouts will swear by … Read more

3 Essential Off Water Workouts For Paddlers

I am a professional kayak/canoe instructor and here are the most common off water workouts for kayakers. To be a successful paddler, it is important to train both on and off the water. To properly train the body for paddling, you have to have a balance between the sport and the build up to it. … Read more

Rowing Machine Workout For Paddlers

While many paddlers are already fairly competent on the water, we may wish to improve our skills elsewhere but may not have the time or money to increase training plans or rent out and buy expensive specialist equipment. This may be especially true if we don’t even know how it works, how useful it will … Read more

Is A Rowing Machine Good For Kayaking?

When starting in kayaking, you may think that you need or want to do something else- more easily accessible- to help you improve in your discipline or in the sport in general. A great way to do this is through the use of a rowing machine. Even if you don’t own one, these machines are … Read more