Mercury Outboard Cranks But Won’t Start – What To Do Now?

Why Your Mercury Outboard Motor Stopped Working

`Mercury outboard not starting is a common problem in outboards. Sometimes when you try to start it, it doesn’t start and starts cranking slowly. Before starting to make a call for professional help, look into some matters. You can probably solve it yourself. Wondering how? We are here to walk you through the entire process! … Read more

Mercury 50 HP 4 Stroke Problems – Completely Solved

Mercury 50 HP 4 Stroke Common Problems

You made up your mind to go fishing with your boat. However, it seems like your Mercury 50 HP won’t give a start. Mercury 50 HP EFI FourStrokes is an engine to run an outboard motorboat. It ensures better fuel economy and outstanding performance. Still, it can face problems like any other outboard engine. So, … Read more

Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Problems: 4 Issues and Solutions!

Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Problems whit this engine

Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke is a reliable outboard motor. However, it does face some problems which are frustrating. So, how can you fix Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke problems? Mercury 60 hp 4 stroke can face fuel problems. Using a high-quality 10-micron separator can solve the issue. Another problem it faces is carburetor buildup. … Read more