12 Pro Gorau ar gyfer Mercwri 115 4 Strôc 2023 - Adolygiad Gwthwyr Modur

If you’re here, chances are you’ve got a Mercury 115 4-Stroke humming at the back of your boat, just like I do. I’ve always been a fan of the Mercury 115 for its blend of performance and reliability, but let me tell you a little story to set the stage.

A few summers ago, I took my boat out for what I thought would be a casual day on the lake. Then, halfway through an idyllic afternoon, I found myself struggling to keep up with friends who were water skiing. My old propeller was making my powerhouse of an engine feel like it was wading through molasses! That’s when I realized: that even the most dependable engine is only as good as the prop it’s spinning.

So began my quest to find the perfect propeller for my Mercury 115 4-Stroke. I did the research, tested out various options, and experienced my fair share of ‘prop fails’ before finally finding the ideal match. And I must say, it was a game-changer!

Ready to transform your boating experience? Stick around as we are discussing the best prop options for your Mercury 115 4-Stroke for 2023, based on performance, durability, and value. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!

Ein Dewisiadau Uchaf

1. Mercwri Blackmax 3 Blade Prop

Mercwri Blackmax 3 Blade Prop

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Having had the pleasure of using the Mercury Blackmax 3 Blade Propeller, I can genuinely affirm that its reputation is well-earned. This is not just a personal bias; let me explain why this product stands out in its class.

Firstly, the power management capabilities of this propeller are phenomenal. It’s engineered to handle up to 250 HP, which provides an impressive buffer considering the Mercury 4-stroke engine it pairs with tops out at 115 HP.

The extra horsepower capacity is not only reassuring but also serves as a testament to its robust construction. Even on challenging days, this propeller won’t let you down; it’s capable of handling engines operating at speeds up to 50 MPH.

On the technical side, the Blackmax features a three-blade design, optimizing it for top-end speed and efficiency. It also excels in steering torque, offering a responsive and smooth sailing experience.

As for its dimensions, the propeller comes with a 13.25-inch diameter, which is the sweet spot for pairing with a Mercury 115 4-stroke engine. This diameter complements the engine’s capabilities, maximizing speed and thrust. In addition, the pitch sits at a balanced 17, ensuring an efficient RPM value without risking any “lug” in the engine.

One of the major advantages of this propeller is its aluminum construction. Not only does this keep the price within a reasonable range, but it also offers design flexibility. Though it sports a simplistic look, there’s an inherent elegance in its design.

Last but not least, this propeller rotates in the standard, right-hand direction, making it compatible with a wide range of engines, not just the Mercury 115 4-stroke.

The Mercury Blackmax 3 Blade Propeller is a robust, efficient, and reliable choice that can fully harness the capabilities of a Mercury 115 4-stroke engine, even when operating at peak performance. Overall, it delivers on both quality and value, making it a stellar choice for any boating enthusiast.

  • Gall drin cyflymder uchel
  • Yn gallu mynd i'r afael â pheiriannau â marchnerth uchel
  • Ni fydd yn cyrydu
  • Yn cynyddu cyflymder yr injan
  • Yn caniatáu i'r RPM fod yn effeithlon
  • Nid yw'n dod gyda chyfarwyddiadau


2. Propeller Alwminiwm Morol Qiclear

Propeller Alwminiwm Morol Qiclear

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After giving the Qiclear Marine Aluminum Propeller a spin, I can attest that this is the go-to choice for budget-conscious boaters without sacrificing performance. Don’t let the word “budget-friendly” mislead you—this propeller delivers more than what you’d expect for the price.

The first thing you notice is that it’s made of aluminum, an indicator of both quality and affordability. Aluminum isn’t just light on your wallet; it also makes for a high-quality propeller that is surprisingly easy to work with. Manufacturers are able to churn out an excellent product without exorbitant costs, passing the savings onto you.

One of the standout features is the propeller’s ease of manipulation. Aluminum is a material that lends itself to easy bending and twisting, yet the final product looks anything but cheap.

The sleek, black shimmer of the propeller is aesthetically pleasing, especially when paired with a Mercury 115 4-stroke engine. It’s not just about looks, though; the diameter and pitch of this propeller are meticulously designed to complement such an engine.

Like other higher-priced models, the Qiclear propeller features a diameter of 13.25 inches and a pitch of 17, maximizing both speed and thrust. But what really sets it apart is its versatility.

While it pairs exceptionally well with the Mercury 115 4-stroke engine, it’s also compatible with a range of Mercury Outboard Engines, from 60 to 115 HP. This means you’re not just buying a propeller for one specific engine; you’re investing in a versatile accessory that can adapt to various boating needs.

Finally, let’s talk about its basic yet efficient design—three blades rotating in the right direction. It may sound simple, but sometimes, that’s all you need for a smooth and reliable boating experience. And when you’re getting all these features at such a reasonable price, it’s hard to find fault with the Qiclear Marine Aluminum Propeller.

  • Mae'n fforddiadwy
  • Mae'n amlbwrpas ei natur
  • Nid yw'r prop hwn yn cyrydu
  • Yn cynyddu cyflymder uchaf
  • Mae'n para'n hir
  • Gall y canolbwynt fod ychydig yn sigledig


3. Mercwri Spitfire 4-Blade Propeller

Mercwri Spitfire 4-Llafn llafn gwthio

Gwiriwch ar Mercwri


The third-place ranking for the Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Propeller is well-deserved. The four-blade design isn’t just for show—it noticeably enhances both speed and acceleration on the water. The prop manages to grip the water surface efficiently, which results in a thrust that you can genuinely feel.

The 13.25-inch diameter, which is the recommended size for a Mercury 115 4-stroke engine, helps to maximize top-end speed. However, it’s crucial to note that the pitch on this propeller is somewhat lower at 15, compared to other models I’ve tested.

While this doesn’t significantly impair the prop’s performance, it does mean that you won’t get the most efficient RPM rates out of it. That said, this isn’t a dealbreaker but something to be aware of if RPM efficiency is a priority for you.

But the Mercury Spitfire makes up for it with some interesting add-ons. The additional cup added to the design does wonders for both holding and acceleration, adding another layer of control that serious boaters will appreciate. Moreover, the high rake blade design also contributes to the impressive speed metrics.

While the Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Propeller may not be perfect, its unique features and solid performance make it an option worth considering. Just be aware of its lower pitch, which can affect RPM efficiency, but don’t let that deter you from what is otherwise a high-performing, feature-rich propeller.

  • Yn gweithio ar gyflymder uchel iawn
  • Mae'r cynnyrch cyflymu yn uchel
  • Mae cyflymder yn cael ei uchafu
  • Mae ganddo bwerau dal da
  • Perfformiad gwych
  • Nid yw RPM yn gwbl effeithlon


4. Outboard Propeller Cychod Motors

Outboard Propeller Cychod Motors

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If you’ve stuck around to this point, you’re probably still looking for that perfect match for your boat. This one just might be it.

Let’s start with aesthetics, a point often overlooked in the world of boat motors. This one doesn’t just go with the standard black but surprises you with a dark purple shade. If you’re colorblind, it might look the same as black, but rest assured, it’s an eye-catching purple.

As far as technical specs are concerned, the diameter and pitch maintain the standard 13.25 inches and 17 respectively, and as you probably know by now, these dimensions are optimal for ensuring your prop achieves its top speed and RPM rate. Nothing new here, but it’s comforting to know they haven’t cut corners.

Additionally, the blade sports the conventional three-blade design, rotating in the right direction. In layman’s terms, you’re not reinventing the wheel here: it’s a standard, reliable propeller.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a propeller that performs well while adding a splash of color to your boat, the Outboard Propeller Boat Motors are worth considering.

  • Yn dod mewn arlliw porffor
  • Hawdd i osod
  • Mae'r RPM yn effeithlon
  • Ni fydd yn cyrydu
  • Methu trin grym rhy fawr


5. Turning Point Propeller Di-staen

Turning Point Propelor Di-staen

Gwiriwch ar Walmart Gwiriwch ar eBay


After putting the Turning Point Stainless Propeller to the test, I must say it’s a dark horse worthy of consideration despite its fifth-place ranking on the list. At first glance, its lower position might suggest inferiority, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. This propeller has some compelling features that might just make you reconsider your options.

Let’s talk about the specs: the Turning Point Propeller boasts the largest diameter of any on our list. The result? Impressive thrust, capable of carrying heavy loads without breaking a sweat, even at low speeds. Trust me, I hauled my fishing gear and a couple of friends, and we glided through the water effortlessly.

Another notable perk is the high pitch, which provides a top speed that is noticeably faster than lower-pitch alternatives. If you’re a speed junkie like me, this feature alone could be a game-changer.

Unique to this list, the Turning Point is fabricated entirely from stainless steel. The advantage here is minimal blade flex, leading to improved performance metrics when compared to aluminum-made propellers. In my experience, this translated to more efficient, consistent propulsion.

Now, the option to choose either a right-rotating or left-rotating prop gives this product an edge in customization. It might seem trivial, but depending on your specific boating requirements, this flexibility can be invaluable.

But there are a couple of things to watch out for. First, the stainless steel construction, while beneficial for performance, does make this propeller heavier than others. So, it does require some muscle when installing or removing it. Second, be cautious when navigating close to your boat; I learned the hard way that steel can dent your vessel if you’re not careful.

Overall, the Turning Point Stainless Propeller is a robust, high-performing option that shouldn’t be overlooked simply because of its rank. It’s well-suited for those who value power, speed, and customization options, albeit with a few caveats.

  • Yn gallu cario llwyth trwm
  • Gall symud ar gyflymder isel
  • Mae ganddo gyflymder uchaf uchel
  • Perfformiad da ar y cyfan
  • Gall grafu'r cwch


6. Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine - Alwminiwm Outboard llafn gwthio

Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine - Alwminiwm Outboard Propeller

Gwiriwch ar DvaSata Gwiriwch ar Amazon


Next up, we have the Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine propeller. This piece of hardware did not disappoint; in fact, it surpassed expectations.

Designed exclusively for Mercury engines ranging between 60-125 HP, the compatibility was spot-on. With its 15-spline tooth configuration, this propeller seamlessly transferred power, significantly boosting both the speed and performance of my boat. Waiting would have simply been a disservice to my boating experience.

As for its material, the Quickcruiser propeller is fashioned from high-quality aluminum alloy, making it not just durable but also efficient. It’s certainly a step up from the stock propeller I had been using, delivering tangible improvements in speed and effeithlonrwydd tanwydd.

To sum it up, if you’ve got a Mercury engine between 60-125 HP, fitting this Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine propeller should be a no-brainer. It’s a decision your boat and perhaps even your weekend will thank you for.

  • Yn rhoi hwb mewn perfformiad ar gyfer eich modur allfwrdd.
  • Yn darparu uwchraddiad dros y llafn gwthio stoc.
  • Yn dod gyda dyluniad dannedd 15-spline.
  • Wedi'i wneud o alwminiwm ar gyfer gwydnwch.
  • Hawdd ei osod.
  • Efallai y bydd angen addasu'ch modur allfwrdd os nad yw'n gydnaws.
  • Efallai na fydd propelwyr yn addas ar gyfer pob cais.
  • Ni ellir ei ddefnyddio gyda rhai peiriannau.


7. Propeller Outboard Alwminiwm Gradd Alwminiwm Ifanc Morol

Propeller Outboard Alwminiwm Gradd OEM Morol Ifanc

Gwiriwch ar Amazon Gwiriwch ar Walmart


I recently had the chance to try out the Young Marine Aluminum Propeller designed for Mercury Outboard Engines ranging from 30-70HP. My immediate impression upon unboxing was how sturdy it felt. The aluminum construction seemed high-quality and well-manufactured, which added to my confidence in the product.

Mounting it onto my 4-stroke engine was straightforward, thanks to the well-designed engine mounting type. What I appreciated the most was the detailed specifications listed. The diameter and pitch (10 3/8″ and 13″, respectively) matched perfectly with the original OEM specs, which is crucial for optimal performance.

During a weekend trip on the water, I noticed an improved blade performance compared to my old propeller. The boat seemed to glide more smoothly and was more responsive to the throttle, confirming the brand’s promise of performance and quality.

However, the real highlight for me was the return policy. Although I had no reason to return the propeller, knowing that a free return was accepted provided me peace of mind when making the purchase.

Overall, I am pleased with the Young Marine 30-70HP 10 3/8×13 Aluminum Propeller. It’s an excellent aftermarket option for anyone looking to replace their old propeller without sacrificing quality. Highly recommended.

  • High-quality aluminum build
  • Excellent thrust performance
  • Hawdd i osod
  • bris fforddiadwy
  • Adolygiadau cwsmeriaid da
  • Limited size options
  • May require a hub kit


Canllaw Prynu

Sut i Gosod Propelor

A ydych chi'n dal wedi drysu ynghylch pa gynnyrch i'w brynu? Wel, mae'n eithaf normal yn enwedig os nad ydych chi'n gwybod beth i chwilio amdano. Rydych chi'n gweld, mae dechreuwyr fel arfer yn tueddu i wynebu problemau pan nad ydyn nhw'n gwybod beth i chwilio amdano.

Dyna pam yr ydym wedi llunio rhestr o nodweddion y dylech fod yn ymwybodol ohonynt. Fel hyn, gallwch chi fod yn sicr pam rydyn ni wedi dewis yr hyn rydyn ni wedi'i ddewis. Bydd yn esbonio pethau i chi yn awtomatig.

A hyd yn oed os oes gennych chi rywfaint o wybodaeth efallai y byddwch chi hyd yn oed yn dysgu rhywbeth newydd o hyn. Pwy a wyr?

Felly, gwisgwch eich cap chwilfrydedd a gallwn gychwyn ar y daith-

Diamedr: Beth Yw'r Hyd Cywir

Yn gyntaf oll, mae'n rhaid i chi edrych ar ddiamedr y llafn gwthio. Nawr, pan fyddwch chi'n mesur y diamedr mae'n rhaid i chi fesur yr hyd cyfan o'r llafn gwthio wedi'i osod ar gloc 3'o i 9'o.

Felly, rydych chi'n gwybod sut i fesur diamedr y llafn gwthio. Ond nawr efallai y byddwch chi'n chwilfrydig i wybod pa ddiamedr sy'n cyd-fynd â modur 115-strôc Mercury 4.

Wel, ar gyfer peiriannau 4-strôc gyda 115 marchnerth y diamedr a argymhellir yw 1.25 modfedd. Nawr, gallwch chi fynd am llafnau gwthio â diamedrau uwch neu is ond byddem yn awgrymu nad ydych chi'n gwyro gormod.

Nawr, ar wahân i'r maint a argymhellir, mae diamedr mwy yn well yn gyffredinol. Mae hyn oherwydd eu bod fel arfer yn darparu llwythi trwm gwthio gwych. Hefyd, maen nhw hyd yn oed yn symud ar gyflymder isel. Ar ben hynny, rydych chi'n cael mwynhau tyllau gwych.

Fodd bynnag, mae llafn gwthio diamedr llai yn troelli'n gyflym. Felly, mae'n ddewis da ar gyfer cychod sydd angen cyflymder pen uchaf uwch.

Cae: Sut Mae'n Effeithio ar y Perfformiad?

llafn gwthio 1

Gan symud ymlaen, dylech hefyd ganolbwyntio ar draw y llafn gwthio. Ond aros. Beth yw traw llafn gwthio?

Pitch is the distance a propeller would move within one complete rotation if it faced an obstacle such as a soft solid. This is a bit like a sgriw through the wood.

Mae gan y cae reolaeth lwyr dros RPM eich injan (chwyldroadau y funud). Dyma'r addasiad “cymhareb gêr” terfynol ar gwch.

Nawr, os ewch chi am bropelwyr sydd â thraw uchel mae'n sicrhau bod y cwch yn mynd yn gyflymach ar gyflymder pen uchaf. Ac mae'r rhain yn cael eu defnyddio'n gyffredinol ar gychod mwy.

Fodd bynnag, os yw'r traw yn rhy uchel i'ch injan, bydd yn “lugio” yr injan. Felly bydd cyflymder uchaf a pherfformiad yn gostwng.

Yn nodweddiadol, mae'r traw y propelwyr yn dibynnu ar y diamedr. A chan y gallech fod yn cael llafn gwthio gyda diamedr o 13.25 modfedd byddwch yn cael 17 llafn gwthio llain. Ac maen nhw'n gweithio'n iawn gyda pheiriannau mercwri 4-strôc.

Deunydd Adeiladu: Pa Un sy'n Gwella Perfformiad?

Yn drydydd, mae angen ichi ganolbwyntio ar ddeunydd adeiladu'r propelwyr. Rydych chi'n gweld, mae'r rhan hon hefyd yn chwarae rhan bwysig yn y senario gyfan. Yn nodweddiadol, mae dau ddeunydd ar gyfer y llafnau gwthio.

Mae'r rhain yn alwminiwm a dur di-staen. Now, both have their own pros and cons.

Er enghraifft, mae alwminiwm yn fwy fforddiadwy ac yn cynnig ystod eang o arddulliau llafn gwthio. Ond nid ydynt mor wydn o ran eu natur.

Ac os ydych chi eisiau rhywbeth a fydd yn para ychydig yn hirach, yna ewch â dur di-staen. Mae ganddynt hefyd berfformiad gwell. Mae hyn oherwydd bod llai o hyblygrwydd yn y llafnau.

Fodd bynnag, mae dur di-staen yn tueddu i fod yn eithaf cryf ei natur. Felly, os bydd yn taro'ch cwch bydd yn creu crafiad ar eich cwch.

Nifer y Llafnau: Faint I'w Cael?


Gan barhau i lawr y rhestr, mae'n rhaid i chi hefyd ganolbwyntio ar nifer y llafnau. Nawr, mae llafnau gwthio yn dod â gwahanol niferoedd. Dim ond dau lafn sydd gan rai tra bod eraill yn dueddol o gael mwy.

Fodd bynnag, o ran mercury 4-stroke propellers you need to stick to propellers with 3 or 4 blades. Now, just like before, even these two options have their own specialty.

I ddechrau, mae gan bropelwyr 3 llafn y cyflymder uchaf uchaf ac maen nhw'n dda ar gyfer torque llywio. Ond mae ganddyn nhw lai o lusgo ar gyfer cyflymderau pen uchaf uwch.

Ar y llaw arall, gyda 4 llafn gwthio, byddwch yn cael gwell pwerau trin a man twll.

Hyb: Hyb Wedi'i Wasgu i mewn yn erbyn Hyb Ymgyfnewidiol

Gan newid y pwnc, dylem hefyd drafod canolbwynt y llafn gwthio. Nawr, beth yw canolbwynt?

Wel, y canolbwynt yw'r rhan honno o'r llafn gwthio lle mae'r llafnau i gyd ynghlwm. Felly, ydyn, maen nhw'n bodoli yn y canol. Nawr, mae gan hyd yn oed y canolbwynt hwn amrywiaeth.

Byddwch yn gweld, mae'n dod mewn gwasgu i mewn a ffurfiau ymgyfnewidiol. Nawr, y dewis mwyaf cyffredin ar gyfer hybiau yw'r rhai pwyso ymlaen. Maent yn cael eu gosod trwy gael eu gwasgu yn eu lle gan wasg pwysedd uchel.

Nid yw honno'n broses hawdd felly bydd yn rhaid i chi wneud hyn yn y siop. Ond fe welwch, mae'r canolbwynt hwn wedi'i integreiddio i graidd y llafn gwthio.

Ar y llaw arall, mae'r canolbwynt ymgyfnewidiol yn haws i'w osod. Gallwch hyd yn oed wneud hyn ar eich pen eich hun. Ond mae'r canolbwynt hwn yn tueddu i aros ynghlwm wrth y cwch. Ac mae'r llafn gwthio yn llithro ymlaen ac i ffwrdd yn hawdd.

Ongl Cylchdro: Pa Ffordd Mae Gyrwyr yn Cylchdroi?

ongl cylchdro llafn gwthio

The rotational angle of the propeller also plays an important part. Now, you might have guessed already that the rotation can be of two types. The propellers can go to the right or to the left.

Nawr, mae'r ongl gylchdro gywir yn eithaf normal. Dyma'r rhai safonol. Fodd bynnag, defnyddir y cylchdro chwith yn bennaf ar gyfer peiriannau modur deuol. Mae hyn yn gweithio i gydbwyso perfformiad ar draws y ddwy injan.

Felly, os ydych am gydbwyso dwy injan gyda'i gilydd yna byddai llafn gwthio cylchdro chwith yn ddewis da. Ond os oes gennych chi un injan i'w rheoli yna ewch am y llafn gwthio ongl sgwâr rheolaidd.

Rake: Beth yw Ongl Tip y Blade's Tilt?

Yn olaf, edrychwch ar gribin y llafn gwthio. Mae hyn hefyd yn chwarae rhan bwysig. Ond cyn i ni drafod sut mae'r un hon yn ddefnyddiol gadewch i ni gymryd cam yn ôl a thrafod beth yw hwn mewn gwirionedd.

Efallai na fydd rhai ohonoch yn gwybod hyn ond y rhaca yw ongl blaen y llafn gwthio. Nawr, gall hyn fod yn ôl neu ymlaen mewn cyfeiriad. Mae un yn mynd i ffwrdd o'r canolbwynt a'r llall yn pwyntio tuag at y canolbwynt.

Y ffordd i fesur yr ongl hon yw cyfrifo'r gwyriad o ganol y canolbwynt trwy ganol un llafn. Nawr, sut mae pob un o'r raciau hyn yn perfformio?

Well, the one that points away comes in handy by bowing the boat to get up and out of the water. This results in less drag and higher top-end speeds.

Ar y llaw arall, mae'r rhaca pigfain gyferbyn yn caniatáu ar gyfer llafn gwthio mwy a fydd yn rhoi ergyd twll cyflymach i sgïwyr tynnu.

Cwestiynau Mwyaf Cyffredin

A fydd prop 4 llafn yn gwneud fy nghwch yn gyflymach?

Yn nodweddiadol mae'r llafn gwthio 3 llafn yn cynnig perfformiad cyflym iawn. Fodd bynnag, mae'r 4 llafn gwthio llafnog yn darparu'r byrdwn mwyaf yn ogystal â gwaith mordeithio llyfn.

Which type of propeller is most efficient?

Yn nodweddiadol, llafn gwthio 2 yw'r rhai mwyaf effeithlon yn eu gwaith. Ond nid yw effeithlonrwydd yn golygu y bydd yn gwneud i'ch cwch fynd yn gyflymach. Mae hynny'n dibynnu ar fyrdwn y llafnau gwthio.

What are the three major types of propeller shafts?

Yn nodweddiadol, mae yna 3 math o siafftiau gwthio. Gelwir pob un ohonynt yn dapro, wedi'i hollti, neu'n flanged.

What is the difference between an impeller and a propeller?

cwestiynau cyffredin llafn gwthio

Fel y mae'r enw'n ei awgrymu mae propeloriaid yn tueddu i wthio'r hylif i ffwrdd o'r cefnfor i sicrhau bod y cwch yn symud i'r cyfeiriad ymlaen. Ar y llaw arall, mae'r impellers yn tueddu i roi'r hylif hwnnw yn y cwch ei hun.

What are the advantages of a 4-blade prop versus 3 blade prop?

Mae prop 4 llafn fel arfer yn fwy effeithlon ac yn caniatáu ar gyfer cyflymder uwch. Yn ogystal, mae'r llafnau'n agosach at ei gilydd sy'n lleihau cynnwrf. Mae hyn yn arwain at lwybr hedfan mwy sefydlog a pherfformiad uwch. Ar y llaw arall, gall prop 3 llafn gynhyrchu mwy o bŵer ond gall hefyd achosi mwy o gynnwrf a llusgo.

Geiriau terfynol

Selecting the best propeller for your Mercury 115 4-Stroke outboard motor is not just about boosting performance; it’s about optimizing the efficiency, handling, and diogelwch eich profiad cychod.

We’ve discussed various prop options, taking into account factors such as material, blade count, pitch, and diameter, to guide you in finding the most suitable propeller for your specific needs.

Whether you’re a leisurely cruiser or a die-hard angler, the perfect prop is out there for you. Remember that fine-tuning your boat’s performance starts with the right propeller, so invest wisely and enjoy the enhanced capabilities of your Mercury 115 4-Stroke motor.