Paddle Float Re-Entry – Must-Know Techniques

katak re entry 2

A paddle float re-entry is a rescue technique involving the use of an upside-down kayak and your own body. It can be used to get back into a kayak that has capsized and, provided you have righted it correctly, will usually work even if you are tired or injured – so long as you know … Read more

Wilderness Systems Kayak Tsunami 145 – Great Recreational Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Kayak Tsunami 145 is a sit-inside recreational kayak with a wide beam and is designed for stability. It is utilized by paddlers of all skill levels and ages. This kayak has been made to be user-friendly, making it appropriate for first-timers as well as experienced paddlers. The high rear end and the … Read more

Traditional Greenland Paddle vs Euro-Blade – 2023 Complete Comparison Guide

Traditional Greenland Paddle vs Euro-Blade

Although traditional kayak paddle designs tend to differ slightly from region to region, most can be categorized as belonging to either the Greenland or Aleut paddle styles. However, while these two traditional kayak paddle styles served their users very well for thousands of years, it is important to keep in mind that indigenous peoples used … Read more

The Black Gnat Fly Pattern – 2023 Review

Black Gnat Fly Pattern

We’re going really old school on this one. The Black Gnat dates back, in one form or another, to Dame Juliana Berners fishing guide, first published in 1496.  Of course, it’s changed a fair bit over half a millennium, but it’s fair to call this one a traditional pattern. This is one of my go-to … Read more