What Is Jug Fishing? Tips & Techniques

Jug fishing is an extremely popular method of catching catfish today. Catfishing, in general, is very popular; in fact, it’s the most widely practiced freshwater sport fishing activity in North America (Buckley et al., 2000). Most people choose jug fishing over other methods for catfishing because it’s productive and affordable. It doesn’t require much in … Read more

Drop Shot Rig For Lunkers: Catching Deep Water Bass 2022

Catching Deep Water Bass

Most hard-core bass anglers would agree that the majority of really big bass are caught in deep water. While there are several techniques you can use to reach deep-water bass, one of my favorites is a ‘Drop-Shot’ rig. A Drop Shot rig is simply a plastic lure, like a worm, shad body, or live bait, … Read more

Catching Crappie At Different Times of The Spawning Cycle

Crappie are fish that can be found in many places across North America. They are very popular game fish because of their easy-to-catch nature and large size. Crappies are predatory fish that live in freshwater lakes and oceans worldwide. They can grow up to 22 inches long and have distinctive black and white coloring. Crappie … Read more