How to Apply Gel Coat With a Roller? – Get Ideas

How to Apply Gel Coat With a Roller our Guide

Gel coat is the most frequent surface coating used in the production and repair of fiberglass composite items. It is a resin-based finishing compound. Covering the fiberglass, protecting the boat hull, and enhancing the boat’s color and sheen are its primary functions. So, gel coating is important for boats and other surfaces. Are you wondering … Read more

Mercury Outboard Shift Rod Adjustment: Easy Ways

mercury outboard shift rod adjustment

When you ask people about the most complicated thing on mercury outboard, they say that shift rod adjustment. They are right. When you are a new boat rider you don’t have much knowledge about these things. However, if you have an issue, you must address it as quickly as possible. So, what is the procedure … Read more

Practical Fishing Tackle Storage Ideas – Storing Tips & Tricks

Fishing Storing Tips & Tricks

For a good fishing experience, you must store your fishing tackle right. Improper storage can damage your synthetic baits and make them non-functional. However, it’s normal to be confused about how to store them. So, what are some fishing tackle storage ideas? You can store fishing tackle using tackle boxes and tackle bags. Boxes provide … Read more