Raymarine VS Garmin – What’s The Best Gear For Navigation

Raymarine VS Garmin about

All boats need top-notch gear for navigation. This applies to all forms of recreational boats, fishing, and sailing boats. But with brands competing with unique features, it can be tricky to pick the best. So, which will you pick Raymarine vs Garmin? In our opinion, you should pick Raymarine. It’s $100 more expensive than Garmin … Read more

Mercury High Performance Gear Lube vs Quicksilver – Our Comparison

comparison between Mercury gear lube and quicksilver

If you own an outboard, then mercury high-performance gear lube and quicksilver must have confused you. These two are the most excellent and high demanding oil among outboard owners. So, mercury high performance gear lube vs quicksilver, which one would serve you the best? Well, among every available outboard oil, these two are the best … Read more

Penn vs Shimano: What Is Better Reel and Which One to Choose


So you’re planning to buy a fishing reel, right? You probably know that there are two companies leading the market- Penn, and Shimano. But you’re in a dilemma about which one to choose. This battle has been going on for ages- Penn vs Shimano? In terms of better performance for the money, Penn reels are … Read more

Sufix 832 vs Power Pro: Which Is Better For You?

best fishing line

It’s not a good feeling when your fishing line suddenly gets torn. Who knows what you might have caught if the line was intact. That’s why it’s fundamental to have the best fishing line to avoid circumstances like this. So, what are the differences, sufix 832 vs power pro? The braid quality of the sufix … Read more