About Us

Hello! I’m Liam Jackson, the proud owner and driving force behind KayakPaddling.net. Born somewhere in the expansive beauty of the United States, I’ve nurtured a lifelong passion for kayaking and fishing that has led me to explore the far corners of our nation’s waterways.

Travel is in my DNA. The lure of uncharted territories and the exhilaration of navigating through them on my kayak is what fuels my adventures. Every ripple and wave tells a story and with each paddle stroke, I write my own.

KayakPaddling.net is not just a website for me – it’s a platform to share my love for the sport and to inspire others to take up the paddle. It’s a culmination of my experiences, learnings, and the joy I’ve derived from fishing and kayaking.

Looking ahead, my sights are set on the unexplored waters of Europe. I’m excited about immersing myself in its diverse cultures, all while paddling through the continent’s rivers and coasts. It’s a journey that I hope will take my love for kayaking to new depths and heights.

My journey has just begun. As I take on this world one river at a time, I hope to connect with other enthusiasts globally and together, we’ll navigate the exciting world of kayaking. Remember, life is best lived one paddle stroke at a time!