About Us

The Story Behind Ask Angler

Angling, fishing, and cruising- this is what the Ask Angler blog is about. But what’s the scene behind the screen here? You might ask. 

Well, Troy, a real estate agent, started offshore boating and kayaking back in his college days. Since then, he just kept falling in love with everything about that blue sea. And that led him to explore further into boating, angling, cruising, and amateur sailoring. 

Since the beginning, the problems and doubts that Troy solved himself, kept pushing him to help fellow anglers who’re going through the same rough patch. And that’s the purpose he started Ask Angler as an angling and boating blog. Here, he along with his team tends to create informative, helpful guides that help someone to be a better angler.  

Who’s Behind The Curtain?

Troy is the founder and lead of Ask Angler. But along with him, here are a bunch of writers, editors, analysts, Professional Angler, and SEO/Marketing professionals. The full team looks like quite this- 

  • Writers and Editors: 4
  • Product analysts: 3
  • Angling and Fishing Specialist: 3
  • Research and Development: 4
  • Web Developer and Publisher: 2
  • SEO and Marketing Executive: 2
  • Data analyst: 3

How We’re Keeping Our Content Values Intact?

The goal of Ask Angler is to create content that matters. We mean, for anyone who has an interest in fishing, boating, kayaking, riverside camping, etc, Ask Angler is the go-to place. 

To make sure that we keep it up to the standard, we follow a two-step quality control process for each of the content that is being published on Ask Angler. The first one is the editorial process conducted by our editor and Try himself. And the second one is the technical validation of the information presented across the articles.   

Get In Touch

If you want to talk to us regarding any opinion, content, suggestions or just anything else, we are all ears. Give us a knock at our Contact Us page.