How To Noodle Catfish: Getting A Grip On Nooding

These days the rage is all about Extreme things. There are Extreme sports, Extreme dancing, Extreme cooking, etc… Now it seems the trend has intruded upon the fishing world. I am speaking of a dubious sport called ‘Noodling’. Sounds pretty tame, right? Actually, it is one of the most dangerous ways of fishing I can … Read more

What Is Jug Fishing? Tips & Techniques

Jug fishing is an extremely popular method of catching catfish today. Catfishing, in general, is very popular; in fact, it’s the most widely practiced freshwater sport fishing activity in North America (Buckley et al., 2000). Most people choose jug fishing over other methods for catfishing because it’s productive and affordable. It doesn’t require much in … Read more

10 Best Catfish Reels 2023 – Top Picks

Best Catfish Reels

Are you on a hunt for the best catfish reels? Catfishing is a lot of fun, but catfishes are feisty and put up a great show. They have numerous species with different traits and physical attributes, showing excellent resistance and being as tough as nails. Having the appropriate fishing gear is the only way to … Read more