Exceeding Max HP Rating on Boat: All You Need to Know!

Can you Exceed Max HP Rating

Every vehicle that exists has certain limiting factors affiliated with them. For motor-based engines, horsepower is a limiting factor. Quite surprisingly, boats also have this limitation. Nowadays, people are in a dilemma about the horsepower rating. Especially, people are curious about exceeding horsepower. So, should you be exceeding the max hp rating on the boat? … Read more

How Fast Does a 90 HP Boat Go [Briefly Explained]

how fast does a 90 hp boat go

If you own a Pontoon boat, you may be torn between a 90 HP engine and a more powerful one. As like do you want a more powerful boat? Based on my findings, here are some realistic expectations for your connection speed. So,How Fast Does a 90 HP Boat Go? The average boat can be … Read more