6 Reasons Why Outboard Will Not Throttle Up: Troubleshooting Outboards

Troubleshooting Outboards

The outboard motor has an engine, gearbox, and propeller. All of which determine the overall performance of the outboard. Since there are multiple components inside, you face many different problems. One of them is outboard not throttling up properly. What are the reasons why the outboard will not throttle up? Outboards may stop throttling up … Read more

Yamaha Outboard Not Pumping Water – Reasons And Solutions

Yamaha Outboard Water Pumping Problems

You bought a second-hand boat. Suddenly a malfunction shows up, that water is not streaming through the motor. And you are confused about how to fix it. So, you’re thinking, Why is Yamaha outboard not pumping water? This type of technical issue occurs in any vehicle and that’s absolutely normal. There might be various reasons … Read more