Kayak for Partner: Tandem Kayak is the Best Solution

Kayaking is just fun for people. The feeling of gliding through the water is really incredible. But even experienced kayakers agree that two people in a kayak is better than one. Tandem kayaks are the solution. They might not fit everyone, but for a lot of people, it’s obviously the best option. Tandem kayaking is … Read more

Hobie Kona II Kayak Review 2023 – The Best Tandem Kayak

Hobie Kona II Kayak Review

Tandem kayaks are popularly used for recreational purposes because it is easy to learn the basics of kayaking, but almost as many people use them simply because they are more fun than single kayaks. Tandems are also great for people who might not be able to enjoy kayaking solo because of physical disabilities or living … Read more