4 Symptoms of A Bad Trigger Outboard: The Most Common Signs

outboard trigger

An outboard trigger is a device used to trigger an external device or system, such as a camera, flash, or audio recording device. It is often used in photography and other fields where precise timing is required. What is Outboard Trigger? An outboard trigger typically sends a signal to the external device to activate it … Read more

How to Increase Compression on a 2-Stroke Outboard – Boost Your Boat’s Performance

how to increase compression on a 2 stroke outboard

The 2-stroke engine is a relatively simple design that completes its power cycle (intake, compression, combustion, exhaust) in two strokes of the piston, which makes it very powerful.  A 2-stroke engine doesn’t use valves to regulate the fuel/air intake or exhaust gas exit, so it has fewer moving parts and is smaller and lighter. Do … Read more