RPM Difference Between Aluminum and Stainless Steel Prop

rpm difference between aluminum and stainless steel prop

You’re looking to increase your boat performance. Which could be due to a variety of reasons. And naturally you’re looking to up the rpm of your props. I completely empathize with you if  you’re perplexed. The rpm difference between the two types of prop material is, in fact, confusing. So, What’s the rpm difference between … Read more

How to Adjust Idle on Evinrude Outboard? – Equipment List

How to Adjust Idle on Evinrude Outboard

If you own a boat you know how important it is to adjust the idle speed on Evinrude. It will increase the efficiency of your boat’s motor. Sometimes your boat’s motor is not only a source of propulsion but also a trolling motor. In those cases, adjustment is a must. The best part about adjusting … Read more