Valley Kayaks Etain Review

Valley Kayaks are a UK based Kayak production company with a long history of making boats. They can trace the company back to 1959, when Ken Taylor traveled to Greenland to study the indigenous peoples and brought a Kayak back to England, that Greenland kayak, served as the model by which all of their other … Read more

The Black Gnat Fly Pattern

We’re going really old school on this one. The Black Gnat dates back, in one form or another, to Dame Juliana Berners fishing guide, first published in 1496.  Of course, it’s changed a fair bit over half a millennium, but it’s fair to call this one a traditional pattern. This is one of my go-to … Read more

Fishing the Backcountry – Alberta’s Bighorn River

It was raining.  Hard.  My favorite rivers were blown out and flooded.  Waders were leaking and rod tips had snapped.  The fish were slow and sluggish and not biting.  Frankly, there wasn’t much that had gone right on this trip.  That was my introduction to fishing the Bighorn River. We had spent a mostly wasted … Read more