Pros And Cons of Mounting Transducer on Trolling Motor: Guided

pros and cons of mounting transducer on trolling motor

A mounting transducer is definitely something a fisherman would look up to. We know how helpful it is. But to install it, we need to consider a few things. And the most important things are its pros and cons. You must consider it before the installation. What Is Trolling Motor? A trolling motor is an … Read more

Lowrance 3D Structure Scan Problems – Resolve Them Easy

Lowrance 3D Structure Scan 1

Are you a fishing enthusiast searching for the best technology to help you catch more fish? Then you might be interested in Lowrance 3D Structure Scan. This advanced fishing technology has revolutionized the fishing industry by providing anglers with real-time 3D images of underwater structures and fish. What is Lowrance 3D Structure Scan? Lowrance 3D … Read more

How to Mount a Transducer on an Aluminum Boat – Gather Equipment

fixing your outboard motor

Fishermen utilize a variety of instruments to assist them to discover suitable fishing areas. Even though fishing involves patience. A transducer is among the most effective instruments available. So, how to mount a transducer on an aluminum boat? First, you have to gather some equipment. Such as mounting plates, stainless steel nuts, zip ties, bolts, … Read more