How to Choose a Freshwater Fly Selection

This is chapter 5 of our guide “The Art Of FlyFishing“ The single question most often asked by novice fly fishermen is how do I choose the right fly? Thus, if you read the plethora of literature written on this topic, you would very likely come to the conclusion that in order to become a … Read more

Where To Go Fly Fishing: 4 Ideal Spots To Catch Trout & More

This is chapter 3 of our guide “The Art Of FlyFishing“ Because fly fishing has traditionally consisted of fishing for various trout species in crystal clear mountain streams, many potential fly fisherman who would like to participate in this most fascinating form of fishing are dissuaded from doing so due to the fact that they … Read more

The 5 Best Fly Patterns Every Angler Needs

Even in the 21st Century, fly fishing is still inextricably linked to trout and salmon fishing. Certainly, it has a long and distinguished history as such. In the beginning, and for a long time, these were the only species the gear of the time could handle. Even a modest bass could destroy a delicate horse-hair … Read more

Top 5 Tips For Anglers With Disabilities

Becoming disabled it the pits, no doubt about it. But it does happen to some of us and all we can do is learn to deal with it. Disabilities can take many forms, such as a loss of mobility, a loss of functionality, a loss of senses, and more. According to the US Census Bureau, … Read more

4 Places To Catch Bass In The Winter

When the temperatures drop in late fall, many people hang up their waders, park the boats in the shed, and put fishing on hold until Spring. They seem to be of the opinion that fish stop eating in winter. This couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, for some species, winter can be some of the … Read more