The Chernobyl Ant Fly Pattern

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what things should look like or how things ought to work that we ignore what does work. The Chernobyl Ant is a perfect example.  At first glance, it looks terrible, like a child’s drawing of a cricket or the kind of thing somebody would come up with the … Read more

The Zonkers Fly Pattern

Somebody will probably get mad about this, but I’m going to classify pretty much everything tied with zonker strips under the broad heading of Zonkers. Before we start, you need to know that a Zonker strip is just a strip of rabbit fur with the hide still attached.  Imagine taking a skinned rabbit and cutting … Read more

How To Catch Largemouth Black Bass

Of all the fish that inhabit N. America, none is more popular than the Largemouth Black Bass. Of course, they are not really bass at all, but members of the genus Micropterus. There are 13 species native to N. America, but the most popular species by far are the Largemouth Black Bass (Micropterus salmoides), and … Read more

The 4 Bad Effects Of Motorboats On Lakes And Rivers

Who doesn’t love a day at the lake or river? There is nothing like being on the water in a kayak, canoe, or raft. Paddling is a wonderful experience. Many even fish from kayaks and canoes (and at one point in my life, even from an inflatable raft…). It is mostly harmless to the environment … Read more

Dave’s Hopper Fly Pattern

Dave’s Hopper is probably the most popular grasshopper pattern in existence. It’s certainly the most famous, and with good reason.  I think you’d be hard pressed to find a fly shop in North America that doesn’t offer Dave’s Hopper in some form or other. Personally, while I like the high floatability and visibility of some … Read more

The Hare’s Ear Nymph Fly Pattern

The Hare’s Ear is the very definition of an iconic fly pattern. The Hare’s Ear is one of the most popular patterns in the world.  It’s been around seemingly forever and has a seemingly endless number of variations.  It’s very “buggy” looking and imitates a huge variety of food sources found in tons of different … Read more

The Muddler Minnow Fly Pattern

The Muddler Minnow is one of the most iconic – and definitely among the best known – streamer patterns ever tied.  I would wager that some form of this fly is found in every angler’s fly box. Like so many of the great flies, the Muddler’s popularity lies with its versatility.  It can be a … Read more

Can Fish See Color?

Everyone has their favorite lure colors that they swear by. I am no different, with my preference for chartreuse lures and flies. But do colors really matter that much for catching fish? Some say, “Yes”. Some say, ”No”. I say, “I don’t know”. But we can examine the issue and see if we can come … Read more

The Stimulator Fly Pattern

The Stimulator is one of my go-to attractor dry flies, particularly when stone flies or salmon flies are out and about. It’s also just inherently “buggy” looking, which lends it well to use as a prospecting pattern when there isn’t a noticeable hatch on.  I’ve definitely caught fish on stimulators when there were no stoneflies … Read more