Essential Tips For Better Catfishing

Fishing for catfish is much more laid-back than for most other species. This is a lazy person’s fish, which requires only that you sit and wait for the fish to bite. Catfish can be caught on equipment as modest as a cane pole, and bait as simple as a worm or caterpillar. They can even … Read more

Fishing Technique: How To Walk The Dog

There are lots of ways to catch bass, and each method has its advocates. In fact, many anglers are so passionate about their methods that they defend them very aggressively. Some will tell you the only way to catch big bass is with a plastic worm. Others will swear by the jig. Many anglers will … Read more

How To Remove Fishy Smells From Your Clothing

Most people would agree that the smell fish give off sometimes is unpleasant, to say the least. Live fish do not have much of an odor, but once a fish is dead, the odor becomes stronger in a very short time. And, this odor can attach itself to fabrics, plastics, and yourself as well, and … Read more

The Humpy Fly Pattern

I think I need to start out by stating the that Humpy is probably my favorite fly, ever.  Not only is it a highly effective pattern, in a world of perfect imitations, it’s ambiguous and weird.  Maybe that’s a reflection on me, more than anything.  Either way, I like this fly a lot. Randall Kaufmann, … Read more

The Prince Nymph Fly Pattern

Like virtually every fly angler I’ve ever met, I love fishing dry flies more than just about anything.  That said, I’ve caught probably twice as many fish on nymph patterns.  And, of those, I’ve probably caught more on a Prince Nymph than any two others combined! It’s one of those rare patterns that really does … Read more

How To Use SONAR and GPS Units To Find Fish

Modern technology has taken a lot of the guesswork out of finding fish, knowing what kind of bottom is under you and how far. SONAR and GPS units are almost a necessity for navigating on large bodies of water these days. They work great, but there is a learning curve involved. Depending on the unit, … Read more