The Complete Guide To Using Live Bait To Catch Crappie

Live bait and still-fishing are by far the most popular way to catch crappie. It does require a little bit more tackle and some finesse, but live bait probably accounts for more fish than any other method. If you plan to fish through the ice, live bait is the way to go. Getting set up … Read more

How To Catch Catfish: Different Species, Tactics, Rigs

All fishing is fun, but for some reason, catfishing seems to have a little more appeal to a lot of people. Perhaps it is the simplicity, or the slower pace, or that catfish are at the top of the list for table fare, especially in the South….who knows? Whatever the reason, catfish have a huge … Read more

Catching Crappie At Different Times of The Spawning Cycle

One thing that needs to be understood to successfully pursue crappie is that they are a migratory fish. They are constantly in transit from one mode to another. And, just like birds, each school follows its own regular path to and from the same destinations every year. Where you find them this year at this … Read more

Summer, Fall and Winter Crappie: Different Fishing Approaches

Crappie behaviors and habits change immensely depending on the season. Basic knowledge is essential to understand where to find crappie in every season. Summer Crappie Fishing As the temperature gets hotter, crappie will still follow the thermocline and suspend, but they will aggressively pursue schools of baitfish, and especially shad. In the heat of summer, … Read more

How To Make Soft Plastic Tube Baits: DIY Step-by-Step Guide

Soft plastic tube baits are one of the most effective lures there are, next to flies, especially  and panfish. They can be molded into any shape you can get, or make a mold for, can have any combination of colors added to them, any combination of scents added, and are less expensive than using live … Read more

How To Fish A Buzz Bait: Tips And Tricks For Successful Fishing

Spinner-baits have been the go-to bass lure for many anglers ever since Bomber came out with the first one, called the Bushwhacker, in the 1960s. It was developed with the help of legendary Bassmaster Floyd Mabry. A great lure, but as with all spinner-baits, it has one weakness. In shallow water, as long as the … Read more

5 Effective Techniques For Catching Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass are one of the most popular game-fish in America. More money is spent on equipment, baits, tournaments and lures for large-mouth bass than any other fish in the US, including trout. Indeed, there are large numbers of hard-core anglers that fish for nothing else. There is such a large amount of equipment, and … Read more

A Quick History of Fly Fishing: Is Fly Fishing Just For Trout?

It’s a good bet that many modern warm-water anglers have been frustrated at one time or another by a well-meaning person’s Angling-Impaired assumptions about fly fishing . Many’s the time that a person has seen my fly gear and immediately said, “Oh, you’re a trout fisherman, huh?” I’m sure they mean no harm. But why … Read more

Jump-Fishing From A Kayak: Basic Tactics And Gear

If you’ve never tried jump-fishing, you’ve been missing out. It is one of the most exciting kinds of fishing there is, right up there with Big Game Blue-Water fishing. The action is fast and furious. Most people have heard of a shark Feeding Frenzy, or a Piranha Frenzy. This is where the predator fish are … Read more

The Complete History of Plastic Worms for Fishing

1949 was a very important year for bass fisherman. The Soviet Union tested its first nuclear bomb, China became a communist country, the first Polaroid cameras hit the market, and in a humble basement in Akron, Ohio, Nick and Cosma Creme experimented cooking up vinyl, oils and pigments to use in making soft, pliable, life-like … Read more