10 Best Pinfish Trap 2023 – Helps To Catch More Fishes

Pinfish Trap

The moment you hear ‘pinfish’ it reminds you about fish bait, right? Well, yeah that’s exactly why pinfishes are so important. They play a significant role in fishing by being one of the nicest fishing bait. But catching pinfish isn’t as easy as walking through the park. It’s a technical job that requires some pre-knowledge … Read more

Ways To Catch Fish From A Kayak – Tips for Beginners

fishing from a kayak

Fishing as an activity has been around for thousands of years. It is one of those things that everyone knows about despite maybe never trying it themselves. For the longest time, there have been many ways to do it and historically people came up with new and exciting ways to catch fish. Of course, they … Read more

What is a Ghost Carp: Origins, Habitat, and How to Catch Them

The ghost carp have spread to other parts of the world, including Asia, after being discovered for the first time in the lower Great Lakes in the 1970s. The scientific name for the fish, also known as the common carp, silver carp, and golden carp, is Cyprinus carpio. This article contains detailed insights on what … Read more