Lever Drag vs Star Drag: Which One To Choose?

Lever vs Star Drag

Reel drags are one of the most significant parts of a fishing rod. If you wish to have a successful fishing journey, having the right reel drag is important. Lever reel drag and star reel drag are two known efficient reel drags. Now you obviously can not own both of them. You must pick one. … Read more

12 Best Fluke Reel 2023: Makes Fishing Easier & Fun

Fluke Reel

Flukes are a bit tough to catch, right? Well, any fish that stays deep underwater requires a bit of effort to catch. But using some simple tricks and tactics can make your fluke fishing experience better. Using the perfect reel will help you a lot, in this regard. A good reel is powerful and can … Read more

9 Best Backpacking Fishing Rods 2023 – Lightweight Poles for Travel

backpacking fishing pole

The enjoyment of fishing on hiking and camping trips is not complete without the best backpacking fishing rods. They are the essential tools that will make your fishing sessions much more convenient, practical, and fun. These rods come in various shapes and forms and are famous for their quality, portability, and convenience. The best thing … Read more

What Are the Parts of a Fishing Rod? – Fishing Gear

fishing rod parts

Are you a fan of fishing and want to learn more about it? You’re in the right place! Finding details about fishing, including what the parts of a fishing rod are, has never been easier! Getting acquainted with interesting details about this fun activity will help you understand the magic behind it and allow you … Read more

Smart Connect Outdoor Bluetooth Fishing Reel 2023 – Compatible With Apple and Android

Smart Connect Outdoor Bluetooth Fishing Reel

Smart Connect outdoor Bluetooth fishing reel is an innovation that will change your fishing experience. The reel gets connected to Bluetooth and pairs with your mobile device to notify you whenever the sensor feels that the fish is biting. Although holding a fish reel is one of the biggest parts of fishing relaxation, you often … Read more