Penn vs Shimano: What Is Better Reel and Which One to Choose


So you’re planning to buy a fishing reel, right? You probably know that there are two companies leading the market- Penn, and Shimano. But you’re in a dilemma about which one to choose. This battle has been going on for ages- Penn vs Shimano? In terms of better performance for the money, Penn reels are … Read more

How to Replace Boat Floor? – In 5 Simplest Steps

Boat Floor Replacement

The most sensitive yet important part of your boat is the boat floor. Why? Because it has direct exposure to the water which makes it wear and tear. Hence, you might need to replace it after a certain time. So, you might be wondering about how to replace the boat floor. Well, replacing boat flooring … Read more

Anchoring Your Kayak What To Buy; How To Use

Here is everything you need to know about anchoring your kayak, what things to buy, and how to use them for safe anchoring. Anchoring a kayak for fishing requires some dos and don’ts that are a must to consider. The first thing on your priority list is safety because there isn’t anything in the world … Read more