Common Mercury Outboard Shifting Problems – Easy To Handle

The shifting problems in the boat gears have become a common issue. However, it doesn’t get addressed as often. So, the users face difficulty in finding solutions. Are you eager to know about the common Mercury Outboard shifting problems? The most common problems are the stiffness of the gear. This makes it hard for you … Read more

Michigan Propeller Identification: 3 Simple Steps to Follow

Michigan Propeller

Michigan is now offering a wide range of propellers. And it is very important for a boat rider to know about its propeller. Having less or very little knowledge about propeller identification may trouble you anytime. So, how to get the Michigan propeller identification? Identifying a Michigan propeller is really easy. You first need to … Read more

Minn Kota Trolling Motor No Power? – Causes & Solutions

trolling motor 1

It’s terrifying when your trolling motor suddenly stops working. It’s even worse if you are miles away from the shore. We understand your worries, which is why we’ve come to help you! So, what’s the reason behind your minn kota trolling motor no power? There are several reasons for a minn kota trolling motor to … Read more