12 Best Prop For Mercury 115 4 Stroke 2023 – The Motor Pushers’ Review

A severe hit of the propeller and it might cause your boat to tremble. The vibrations may continue for a long, which isn’t a pleasant sight. And in the worst-case scenario, you might tremble and fall right into the water.

So, before that disaster strikes, you should buy the best prop for mercury 115 4 strokes.

However, for that, you will have to search the entire market and come up with the perfect size propeller. And those propellers should also be of top-notch quality.

But that’s not all that you have to consider, is it? You will also have to consider a lot of other things. However, to ease your burden we have done the research for you. At the same time, we even included a buying guide for some extra help.

Now, if you are willing to start the journey we can get things started-

Comparison Table

1. Mercury Blackmax 3 Blade Prop

Mercury Blackmax 3 Blade Prop

Product Overview

Presenting to you the one and only Mercury Blackmax 3 Blade Prop. Now, yes this product is our personal favorite but there are some valid reasons behind this. We are not super biased about it. And give us a moment, and we’ll tell you all the reasons.

For starters, this product has the capability to handle up to 250 HP. Yes, the mercury 4-stroke engine goes up to only 115 hp. But hey, having a propeller that can handle much greater horsepower gives you faith that it is strong.

So, even on a tough day the propeller will push through and get your engines running. And it can even handle engines going at a rate of 50 MPH.

Now, the Mercury 4 stroke won’t go that fast but you know that this prop can handle its top speed.

Other than that, this propeller has 3 blades. That means this propeller has maximum top speed. In other words, they are very efficient. Plus, they are good for steering torque.

Moreover, this propeller’s diameter is 13.25 inches. That is what we recommend for a mercury 115 4-stroke engine. This maximizes the speed and the pushing load.

Apart from that, this prop has a pitch of 17. As pitch mainly depends on the diameter this is quite a normal range. From this, you will get an efficient value of RPM. And if the pitch were too high it would have “lug” the engine.

Thus, this is actually a good rate. Apart from that, this propeller is made of aluminum. Hence, that gives the producers a certain advantage to lower the price. That is why this product’s price didn’t skyrocket.

Other than that, this material makes it easy to style the prop and make it look alluring. And we will admit that this propeller does look pretty simple but it is quite classy.

Furthermore, this propeller rotates in the right direction. Thus, it is a standard propeller that can support the engine that you want to work with.

Overall, this is a great product that can handle both the speed and horsepower of the mercury 115 4-stroke engine even when it is at its maximum capacity.

  • It can handle high speed
  • Can tackle engines with high horsepower
  • It won’t corrode
  • Maximizes the speed of the engine
  • Allows the RPM to be efficient
  • Doesn’t come with instructions


2. Qiclear Marine Aluminum Propeller

Qiclear Marine Aluminum Propeller

Product Overview

Secondly, we have the Qiclear Marine Aluminum Propeller. Now, if you were looking for something a little more budget-friendly then this is the one for you.

But wait, just because you’re saving a few bucks doesn’t mean you’re compromising.

You see, we like this product because it offers so much but it asks so little in return. For instance, this product is also made of aluminum. You can see that from the title. But what does this offer?

Well, aluminum itself is not that expensive. So, when the merchandisers are making such things they can produce great quality products at a low cost. Hence, they have the option of chagrin less.

Besides, aluminum makes the propeller easy to bend and twist. Thus, even the workers don’t have to do a lot of effort. And the final product looks elegant in its own way.

In fact, in our eyes, the black shimmery propeller looks appealing when they are set at the back of a mercury 115 4 stroke. Speaking of which, this prop’s diameter and pitch compliments this engine.

Like the previous product, this one too has a diameter of 13.25 inches. This maximizes the speed and you can even get a good pushing load out of this. Besides, the pitch is also the same. It is also 17.

So, this makes RPM very efficient. However, this propeller is not only suitable for the Mercury 115 4-stroke engines. Nope, it can also work on Mercury Outboard Engines 60, 75, 90, 100, and 115 HP. Thus, it’s versatile.

Apart from all of these, the Qiclear Marine Propeller also has 3 blades and they rotate in the right direction. So, you get a standard prop at a very reasonable price.

  • It is affordable
  • It is versatile in nature
  • This prop doesn’t corrode
  • Maximizes top speed
  • It is long-lasting
  • The hub can be a bit shaky


3. Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Propeller

Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Propeller

Product Overview

In third place, we have the Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Propeller. Now, you might have guessed already but yes this prop does come with 4 blades. So, what advantage do you get from the presence of an extra blade?

Well, thanks to the extra blade you will get to experience a much higher speed. Plus, the acceleration yield will be quite high as well. This is because this prop has a great handle on the water.

However, even though this prop does have 4 blades its diameter is not too small. You see, this one too has the recommended diameter for a mercury 115 4-stroke engine. And that is a diameter of 13.25 inches.

Because of this diameter, your top speed will be maximized. But what you need to be aware of is the pitch of this prop is lower than the previous products that we have come across. This one’s pitch is 15.

And as the pitch is responsible for making the RPM rate more efficient you won’t be getting that anymore. However, this doesn’t make this prop a bad choice. You can still get this prop to work fine.

It’s just we found that you should know about its failings too. However, there are a few extra features that do make this a good buying option. For instance, this one has an extra cup added to it.

This cup is responsible for providing superior holding and acceleration. Plus, this one has a high rake blade which also contributes to increasing the speed of this awesome prop.

  • Works at a very high speed
  • The acceleration yield is high
  • Speed is maximized
  • Has good holding powers
  • Great performance
  • RPM isn’t fully efficient


4. Outboard Propeller Boat Motors

Outboard Propeller Boat Motors

Product Overview

Moving on, we have the Outboard Propeller Boat Motors. Now, by so far you must be tired of all the reviews and everything. But hey, since you came along so far that means something didn’t quite click. And who knows this one just might-

Well, this one gives a bit of a twist because this boat’s color isn’t black. No, it goes beyond your average looks and adds a bit of color to the boat. So, what is the color of this prop?

Well, this one comes in a dark purple shade. And it might appear the same shade as black to all the color blinded people but we assure you that it is not.

Besides this, the diameter and the pitch are the same as before. They come in 13.25 inches and 17 respectively. By now, you know what this means.

But we’ll say it again. These measurements ensure that the prop has its top speed and RPM rate maximized.

Also, the blade has 3 blades and they rotate in the right direction. And that is pretty normal so you will be getting a standard prop if you do go for this one.

  • Comes in a purple shade
  • Easy to install
  • The RPM is efficient
  • It won’t corrode
  • Can’t handle too large of a force


5. Turning Point Stainless Propeller

Turning Point Stainless Propeller 1

Product Overview

Last but not least, we have the Turning Point Stainless Propeller. Now, you might underestimate this product because of its last position. But know this, the Turning Point Prop just might be able to turn your opinion around.

And that is because of its various unique features. For starters, this one has the highest diameter on our list. Thus its pitch is also higher. Moreover, this is the only prop on the list that is made of stainless steel.

Plus, you have the luxurious option of buying a prop that can rotate to the right or to the left. Yep, that many options. But what do these options actually mean?

Well, let’s start with the diameter. The larger diameter will ensure that you have great pushing force to carry heavy loads. Plus, they even maneuver at low speeds. Moreover, you get to enjoy excellent holeshots.

Furthermore, the higher pitch ensures that you can go at a higher top speed. And the stainless steel ensures better performance when compared to aluminum-built props. This is because there is less flex in the blades.

However, the steel makes the prop quite heavy. And if it scratches the boat you might end up with a dent. Thus, be careful.

  • Can carry a heavy load
  • It can maneuver at low speed
  • Has a high top speed
  • Overall good performance
  • It can scratch the boat


6. Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine – Aluminum Outboard Propeller

Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine - Aluminum Outboard Propeller

Looking for an upgrade to your outboard propeller? Look no further than the Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine.

This propeller is specifically designed for use with Mercury engines that are rated at 60-125 HP. Featuring a durable 15-spline tooth design, this propeller is sure to provide you with efficient power and improved performance. So why wait?

This propeller was designed specifically for use with the Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine engine line and is made out of high-quality aluminum alloy. This propeller is an upgrade over the stock propeller and will provide better performance and increased efficiency.

This propeller will fit most mercury engines that are 60-125 hp in size.

  • Provides a boost in performance for your outboard motor.
  • Provides an upgrade over the stock propeller.
  • Comes with a 15-spline tooth design.
  • Made from aluminum for durability.
  • Easy to install.
  • May require modification to your outboard motor if not compatible.
  • Propellers may not be suitable for all applications.
  • Cannot be used with certain engines.


Buying Guide

How to Install a Propeller

Are you still confused about which product to buy? Well, it is quite normal especially if you don’t know what to look for. You see, beginners usually tend to face problems when they don’t know what to look for.

That is why we have come up with a list of features that you should be aware of. This way, you can be sure about why we have chosen what we chose. It will automatically explain things to you.

And even if you have some knowledge you might even learn something new from this. Who knows?

So, do put on your curiosity cap and we can commence the journey-

Diameter: What’s The Right Length

First and foremost, you have to look at the diameter of the propellers. Now, when you measure the diameter you have to measure the whole length from the propeller placed at 3’o clock to 9’o clock.

So, you know how to measure the diameter of the propeller. But now you might be curious to know what diameter fits on the Mercury 115 4-stroke motor.

Well, for 4-stroke engines with 115 horsepower the recommended diameter is 1.25 inches. Now, you can go for propellers with higher or lower diameters but we would suggest you not deviate too much.

Now, apart from the recommended size, a larger diameter is generally better. This is because they usually provide great pushing heavy loads. Plus, they even maneuver at low speeds. Moreover, you get to enjoy excellent holeshots.

However, smaller-diameter propellers spin quickly. Thus, it is a good choice for boats that need higher top-end speeds.

Pitch: How Does It Affect The Performance?

propeller 1

Moving on, you should also focus on the pitch of the propeller. But wait. What is the pitch of a propeller?

Pitch is the distance a propeller would move within one complete rotation if it faced an obstacle such as a soft solid. This is a bit like a screw through the wood.

The pitch has full control over your engine’s RPM (revolutions per minute). This is the final “gear ratio” adjustment on a boat.

Now, if you go for propellers that have high pitch it ensures that the boat goes faster at top-end speeds. And these are generally used on larger boats.

However, if the pitch is too high for your engine, it will “lug” the engine. Thus both top speed and performance will decrease.

Typically, the pitch of the propellers depends on the diameter. And since you might be getting propellers with 13.25 inches diameter you will be getting 17 pitch propellers. And they work fine with mercury 4-stroke engines.

Building Material: Which One Enhances Performance?

Thirdly, you need to focus on the building material of the propellers. You see, this part also plays an important part in the whole scenario. Typically, there are two materials for the propellers.

These are aluminum and stainless steel. Now, both have their own pros and cons.

For instance, aluminum is more affordable and offers a wide range of propeller styles. But they are not that durable in nature.

And if you want something that will last a bit longer then do go with stainless steel. They also have a better performance. This is because there is less flex in the blades.

However, stainless steel tends to be quite strong in nature. So, if it hits your boat it will create a scratch on your boat.

Number of Blades: How Many To Get?


Continuing down the list, you also have to focus on the number of blades. Now, propellers come with different numbers of blades. Some have only two blades while others tend to have more.

However, when it comes to mercury 4-stroke propellers you need to stick to propellers with 3 or 4 blades. Now, just like before, even these two options have their own specialty.

For starters, 3-blade propellers have maximum top speed and they are good for steering torque. But they have less drag for higher top-end speeds.

On the other hand, with 4 blade propellers, you get better handling powers and a hole spot.

Hub: Pressed-in Hub vs. Interchangeable Hub

Changing the topic, we should also discuss the hub of the propeller. Now, what is a hub?

Well, the hub is that part of the propeller where the blades are all attached. So, yes, they exist in the middle. Now, even this hub has variety.

You see, it comes in both pressed-in and interchangeable forms. Now, the most common choice for hubs is the press-on ones. They are installed by being pressed in position by a high-pressure press.

That is not an easy process so you will have to get this done at the shop. But you see, this hub is integrated into the propeller core.

On the other hand, the interchangeable hub is easier to install. You can even do this by yourself. But this hub tends to stay attached to the boat. And the propeller easily slides on and off.

Rotational Angle: Which Way Do Propellers Rotate?

propeller rotational angle

The rotational angle of the propeller also plays an important part. Now, you might have guessed already that the rotation can be of two types. The propellers can go to the right or to the left.

Now, the right rotational angle is pretty normal. They are the standard ones. However, the left-hand rotation is mainly used for dual-motor engines. This works to balance the performance across the two engines.

Thus, if you want to balance two engines together then a left-hand rotation propeller would be a good choice. But if you have one engine to manage then go for the regular right rotational angled propellers.

Rake: What is The Angle of The Tip of The Blade’s Tilt?

Lastly, look at the rake of the propeller. This also plays an important part. But before we discuss how this one is useful let’s take a step back and discuss what this really is.

Some of you might not know this but the rake is the angle of the propeller’s tip. Now, this can be both backward or forward in direction. One goes away from the hub and the other points towards the hub.

The way to measure this angle is to calculate the deviation from the center of the hub through the center of one blade. Now, how do each of these rakes perform?

Well, the one that points away comes in handy by bowing the boat to get up and out of the water. This results in less drag and in higher top-end speeds.

On the other hand, the opposite pointed rake allows for a larger propeller which will give a quicker hole shot for towing skiers.


1. Will a 4 blade prop make my boat faster?

Typically the 3-bladed propeller offers top-speed performance. However, the 4 bladed propellers do provide maximum thrust as well as smooth cruising work.

2. Which type of propeller is most efficient?

Typically, 2 bladed propellers are the most efficient ones in their work. But efficiency doesn’t mean that it will make your boat go faster. That depends on the thrust of the propellers.

3. What are the three major types of propeller shafts?

Typically, there are 3 types of propeller shafts. They are each called tapered, splined, or flanged.

4. What is the difference between an impeller and a propeller?

propeller faq

As the name suggests propellers tend to push away the fluid from the ocean to ensure that the boat moves in the forward direction. On the other hand, the impellers tend to put that fluid into the boat itself.

5. What are the advantages of a 4-blade prop versus 3 blade prop?

A 4 blade prop is typically more efficient and allows for a higher speed. Additionally, the blades are closer together which decreases turbulence. This results in a more stable flight path and increased performance. A 3 blade prop, on the other hand, can generate more power but may also cause greater turbulence and drag.

In Short

Well, to sum up, that was our take on the best prop for mercury 115 4-stroke engines. However, we can only go as far as you suggest. But at the end of the day, the decision lies in your capable hand.

We believe that we have provided you with enough data. So, with that, we will like to say our farewell. Do take care and adios!