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Top 12 Best Prop for Mercury 25HP 4-Stroke 2024 – Stainless & Aluminium Propellers

propeller Mercury 25 HP

Choosing the correct replacement propeller for your Mercury 25 HP engine can be complicated.

So, are you having a hard time finding the correct propeller? Then this article is for you. Because we have brought you the Best Prop For Mercury 25 HP 4 Stroke.

There are five propellers for the mercury 25HP engine. All of the products below are selected due to their fine quality and ability to survive in harsh conditions.

Propellers are frequently changed items in an engine, we all know the reasons. As a matter of fact, these are the best options available in the market.

Let’s not waste any more precious time and see what value we can provide to you.

Top Picks Propellers for Your Outboard Engine

1. Quicksilver Nemesis 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller

Quicksilver Nemesis 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller

The number one propeller we have for you is Quicksilver Nemesis 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller. This is a very special propeller that is perfect for mercury 25 hp. You must be curious why this is the number on our list.

This is because it has Flo-Torq Hub Systems, which is designed for all boaters. Any boater using 25hp to 250 hp outboards can use this propeller. Moreover, it can be used in alpha one sterndrives.

Besides, the Flo-torq hub system will improve the shifting noise. Another equally important thing is the propeller will also enhance the vibration on high-horsepower outboards. It does that by using a heavy-duty propeller shaft.

Then this propeller will improve the acceleration of the Mercury 25 HP. Hence you will get a better acceleration than what you used to get. And it will not hamper the speed of the mercury.

Next, the propeller has a high rake. This high rake will ensure that it maintains a top-end speed. We highly recommend this propeller for For Mercury 25 HP 4 Stroke.

In brief, this is an excellent option if it’s within your budget. But don’t worry if you can afford it or don’t like its features we still have 4 more to go. Indeed, you will get what you are looking for at the end of your journey.

  • It will improve acceleration
  • Worth the price
  • Efficient and faster performance
  • It’s easy to install
  • It will surely enhance handling
  • The paint might get off after use, but this might not always be the case


2. ‎‎Jason Marine 10 Aluminum Boat Outboard Moto Propeller

Jason Marine 10 Aluminum Boat Outboard Moto Propeller

The second propeller is ‎Jason Marine 10 3/8 x 13 Aluminum Boat Outboard Moto Propeller. The specialty of this propeller is that it is designed for 9.9 to 25 hp Mercury outboard engines. So, you cannot use more than 25 horsepower engines, unlike our number one propeller.

Moreover, it has 10 spline teeth. These spline teeth will equally take the load and provide you with smooth performance for a long time.

Although this is our second propeller it has an advantage over our first propeller. That is a better quality painting. It is a black color propeller that looks amazing in the water.

The size of the propeller is 10 3/8 Diameter x 13 Pitch. It is a right-hand rotation propeller similar to our number one product.

Next, the material that was used to build it was aluminum. Now aluminum makes the propeller light, sturdy, and long-lasting. Quality aluminum was used to make it a top-notch propeller.

For that reason, the propeller became highly durable. And it will not sacrifice the top speed, RPM, or acceleration.

Furthermore, it will reduce the wear and tear of the Mercury 25 hp 4 Stroke engine. More importantly, you will get total fuel efficiency, unlike many propellers on the market. This is how you will get a top speed which ultimately lets you save a lot of money.

To make the installation process more manageable, a hub kit is installed. Therefore it will perfectly fit your boat engine without much hassle.

  • It will be a perfect fit
  • Sturdy and solid quality
  • Easy installation
  • It cannot fit more than 25hp engines, but you won’t need that for mercury 25hp engines


3. Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller

Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller

The third product on the list is Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller. Every propeller has unique and similar features. This propeller has all the benefits of a four-blade propeller.  It will deliver you 16-25% faster acceleration than the other 3 blade propellers.

Now, this propeller has similarities to our first product. The Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller has a high rake design. It will provide you with a higher speed, just like the first propeller on the list.

Moreover, it will improve the mid-range outboard performance. Then it has added cups; this will increase the holding and acceleration of the mercury 25 HP engine.

Another similarity with our first propeller is that it has a Flo-torq hub system. We have already mentioned the purpose of the Flo-torq hub system.  And it will protect the drivetrain from the impacts.

We can assure you that this product will not disappoint you. As you can see, it has so many similarities to our first product. And with the second product. Because both the second and third propeller have three blades.

This can be a perfect replacement for you. But don’t you hurry we still got two more propellers on our list. Thus we suggest you compare all the propellers on this list before any purchase.

Lastly, don’t get confused because of so many similarities to our previous product.

  • Excellent design
  • It will add speed
  • Easy to mount
  • This will perfectly fit your mercury engine
  • Installation instruction or manual is not included


4. Qiclear Marine 10 Upgrade Aluminum Outboard Propeller

Qiclear Marine 10 Upgrade Aluminum Outboard Propeller

The Fourth propeller on the list is Qiclear Marine 10 Upgrade Aluminum Outboard Propeller. The specialty of this product is that it has 13 Spline Tooth. We already know what these teeth do, so the more spline, the better.

Like our previous propeller, it has some similarities and dissimilarities as well. The second product on the list has good quality paint; this one also has good quality paint. But this propeller can be used in 30 to 70 hp engines, unlike the second propeller.

Next, this one has 13 spline teeth, unlike the second propeller on the list, which has 10. Moreover, it has 3 blades, unlike our 1st and 3rd propellers.

Besides this is made of high-quality aluminum. Hence, it’s very durable and won’t sacrifice the top speed. You will get an enhanced acceleration and RPM just like the previous products.

This propeller hub kit is also installed like the number two propeller on the list. Therefore it will ensure a better fit and be easier to install.

We understand it must be confusing to you because there are so many similarities with other propellers. But we have tried to write it down in detail about the dissimilarities. So that you can make distinctions among them.

Now we have our last propeller on the list. After reading the pros and cons you can jump into it.

  • Excellent for the price
  • Well built and lightweight
  • 13 spline teeth
  • The installation is easy, but it might take some time but not for everyone


5. ‎Your Props Marine Upgrade Aluminum Outboard Propeller

Your Props Marine Upgrade Aluminum Outboard Propeller

The last product on the list is Your Props Marine Upgrade Aluminum Outboard Propeller. The best part of this propeller is its flexibility and high reliability.

All of the propellers on the list are suitable for mercury 25hp 4 stroke engines. And most importantly, they are here because of their quality, efficacy, and smooth performance. This propeller can be used in 25-70HP engines.

This propeller is nonetheless from any of the propellers above. Now this one has 13 spline teeth, just like the previous propeller. So, the load it’s going to take will be disbursed among all the spline teeth.

Three of the propellers on the list have 3 blades including this one. The propeller is designed to sustain for a long time. Besides, the color of the propeller is black, which will make it a more amazing look.

Additionally, the material used to make it is aluminum. This is the only common thing among all the propellers on the list. Now you might want to know why we have selected only aluminum propellers.

The reason is that aluminum is sturdy and lightweight. And propellers will have to deal with water all the time so it won’t get any corrosion on it. Hence it’s the best choice for propellers.

These are our top five propellers for the mercury 25HP 4 stroke engine, but if youy’re interested in the best props for 40 HP Mercury 4 Stroke then we have a perfect article for you. We vouch for all of the propellers. But to help you select one we have a buying guide waiting for you below.

  • It will exactly fit the Mercury 25hp engine
  • Efficient Performance
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • It is sturdy, but the propeller might get a little bent after many rough uses


The Most Efficient Buying Guide For Propellers

The Most Efficient Buying Guide For Propellers

We are here to identify some of the qualities of propellers. That a propeller needs to have to provide you with ultimate performance. This buying guide will help you further to get that one propeller for your mercury 25HP engine.

Aluminum vs Stainless Steel

There are pros and cons to aluminum and stainless steel. But we prefer aluminum propellers because of some specific reason.

Firstly aluminum is far less expensive than stainless steel. When we buy a product we would always like to pay less and get more value.

Or maybe we want to get the exact value from a product for what we have paid. That is why we have chosen aluminum propellers rather than stainless steel. You will surely be satisfied with the above products.

Another advantage of aluminum is that it has lots of varieties of propellers. As you have already seen the products, there are five options, and all of them have different features. And, of course, there are similarities among them.

3-Blade VS 4-Blades

There are two 4 blades propellers and three 3 blades propellers in the above list. Now how would you know which one is the best option for you?

Let us help you with that.

Most of the time, 3 blades are better for Maximum top speed and Steering torque. There are also other benefits we have written in the description above.

On the other hand, 4 blades are better for hole shot and handling. And yes just like 3 blades other advantages of 4 blades are written above. So, it’s your call what exactly you need for example better handling or better steering torque.

These are the things you should keep in mind when selecting a propeller. Moreover, other details are already above.

The Pitch

When looking to buy a new boat propeller, it is important to consider the pitch of the propeller. Propellers with a lower pitch will give you more power while cruising and those with a higher pitch will be better for racing. Propellers with higher pitches turn faster and are better for offshore use, while those with lower pitches are better for inland use.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right pitch for your boat:

Offshore Use: If you plan on using your boat out in open water, go for a propeller with a high pitch. These props will spin faster and deliver more power, allowing you to reach greater speeds.

Inland Use: If you’ll mostly be using your boat within lakes and rivers, choose a propeller with a lower pitch. These props will reduce noise and improve fuel efficiency, making them perfect for cruising around town.

To calculate the pitch of a propeller, divide the diameter by the length. For example, a 3” propeller has a pitch of 1/3.


Size of the Propeller

If you plan to use your outboard motor regularly, it’s important to consider the size of the propeller. A small propeller won’t generate enough power to move your boat, while a large propeller will require more fuel and wear down faster.

To find the right propeller for your boat, measure the diameter of the motor shaft and compare it with the recommended size listed on the engine manufacturer’s website.

The Diameter

When buying a new outboard motor for your boat, you’ll want to make sure that the propeller you select is compatible with the boat’s hull diameter. Propellers can vary in size by as much as 1-inch, so it’s important to measure the circumference of the hull where the propeller will be installed before making a purchase.

To measure the diameter of your boat, use a tape measure or ruler to measure around the outside of the hull at its widest point. Make sure to include any protrusions on the hull, like dock lines or trolling motors. If you’re not sure what size propeller you need, call an outboard specialist and ask them to help you find the right one for your boat.


If you’re looking to buy a boat outboard motor, it’s important to consider the engine first. You need to make sure that the engine matches the specifications of the propeller.


Best Prop for Mercury 25HP 4-Stroke - FAQs

1. Is it true that a higher pitch prop increases RPM?

Engine pitch and RPMs have an inverse relationship. Increasing the pitch will reduce engine RPMs. On the contrary, reducing the pitch increases engine RPMs.

2. Can a 4 blade increase the speed?

A 4-blade prop will pull better at low speeds and get on the plane faster. But it’ll be slightly less efficient at more speed because it’ll have more drag than 3 blades.

3. What will happen if the prop has a greater diameter?

A larger diameter prop has a larger total blade area. Therefore, allowing it to handle more power and provide more thrust to maneuver a big vessel.

Final Words

Alright folks, we have reached the end. These are the Best Prop For Mercury 25 hp 4 Stroke engine.

Now it’s on you which prop you would like to have for your Mercury. Thus if we can assist you any further it would be a pleasure. So, don’t hesitate to reach us. Till then, good luck!

Before you leave, be sure to take some time to check out more similar props:

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