How To Noodle Catfish: Getting A Grip On Nooding

These days the rage is all about Extreme things. There are Extreme sports, Extreme dancing, Extreme cooking, etc… Now it seems the trend has intruded upon the fishing world. I am speaking of a dubious sport called ‘Noodling’. Sounds pretty tame, right? Actually, it is one of the most dangerous ways of fishing I can … Read more

11 Best Pontoon Fishing Boats 2022 – Ideal Fishing Equipment

Best Pontoon Fishing Boats

Purchase the best pontoon fishing boat to enjoy features like excellent durability, weight capacity, stability, and amazing channel tracking. Our team of professional anglers has been fishing on diverse waters and meanwhile, we have tested a wide range of the best pontoon fishing boats. Pontoons are the best boats for fishing because they offer you … Read more

11 Best Fish Finder for Jon Boat 2022 – GPS Combo

Best Fish Finder for Jon Boat

These best fish finder for Jon boat will give you an exclusive fishing experience with their accuracy, lightweight body, and speedy scanning. Fishing with my Jon boat has remained my passion for the last forty years and the technological advancements have added further fun to it for me. Among such technologically advanced gadgets, the best … Read more

11 Best Inshore Fishing Kayaks 2022 – Stable & Safe

Best Inshore Fishing Kayaks

Enjoy amazing fishing ventures with the best inshore fishing kayaks thronged with excellent stability, durability, and channel traction. Enjoying the fishing ventures with my best inshore fishing kayak on the weekends has remained my favorite outdoor activity since I shifted to Arizona as a forest officer. I have always preferred inshore fishing kayaks over the … Read more