Johnson Outboard Throttle Cable Adjustment – Easy Steps!

Johnson Outboard Throttle Cable

Does it seem to you that your Johnson outboard throttle isn’t working as smoothly as before? You might be hearing shuddering noises that you shouldn’t hear. The issue is surely about the adjustment of the throttle cable. So how do you do your Johnson outboard throttle cable adjustment? Once you’re sure that there’s an adjustment … Read more

Best Kayaking in Kentucky 2023 – Find Best Destination

Kayaking in Kentucky

The US state of Kentucky is known for many things, and not just inside the country’s borders. The state is world famous for its amazing bourbon, majestic horses, and of course the fried chicken that arguably made it so recognizable. However, it has so much more to offer than these symbols that can easily be … Read more

How Long Does a Marine Battery Hold Charge? – Main Factors!

Does a Marine Battery Hold Charge

The battery is one of the core matters of concern for any boat owner. If you are one then you can surely relate to it. Cause, one wants to get stuck in their boat midwater while boating. Marine batteries are a popular choice of battery because of their sturdiness. But, how long does marine battery … Read more