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What Can I Use for Trim and Tilt Fluid? – Multifunction Alternatives

All current outboards and sterndrives benefit from this excellent trim and tilt fluid. The stickiness and lubricity required for appropriate pressure distribution and seal life are included in this formulation.

Trim and tilt fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid that is used to operate the trim and tilt mechanisms on boats and outboard motors.

So, what can I use for tilt and trim fluid? You can use a variety of fluids such as trim and tilt fluids. The tractor fluid will perform admirably. The foaming qualities of hydraulic fluid vary slightly.

However, this is not necessary for a tilt and trim. You can use the Dextron ATF, or any transmission fluid for your trim and tilt fluid. That’s a sneak peek. In just this article, we’ll explain the fluids in detail.

What Can I Use for Trim and Tilt Fluid?

Trim and Tilt Fluid

You can use GM Dexron II automatic transmission fluid and ATF Dexron. Now we’ll discuss a brief about them-

GM Dexron II

GM Dexron-II was made of an additive package containing corrosion, and rust inhibitors such as Jojoba oil. It is a more durable, less sensitive, method that utilized Group 2 base oil. Although GM Dextron II is an automatic transmission fluid that was very useful for trim and tilt fluid, it is not on the market anymore.

It has been discontinued by the company as a few newer and improved versions of the fluid took its place.

ATF Dexron

Since the hydraulic mechanism powers the tilt-trim component. Offshore tilt and trim oil can be replaced with Dexron ATF.

Pennzoil provides a marine tilt-and-trim hydraulic fluid that may be used in power steering. And tilt-and-trim systems as a substitute. Pennzoil also makes marine outboard gear lubrication.

Electrical shift Johnson and Evinrude versions around 1972 and before. As well as OMC Stern Drive models from before 1977, should use Penzoil ATF.

Multifunction Tilt Trim Oil Alternatives

Multifunction Tilt Trim Oil Alternatives

In the marine industry, outboard tilt-trim oil protects engines against rust. Marine engines operate at high loads and revolutions per minute for lengthy periods of time.  You must operate your boat at the correct rpm.

It leads to the breakdown of automobile oils and their loss of fluidity or flowability. As a result, maritime manufacturers provide owners of outboard motors with instructions that advocate certain oil types. Such as SAE 30 or SAE 10W30 automotive oil, transmission fluid type F.

Dexron Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), or OMC power tilt trim fluid are also used. OMC is a company that makes manifolds, components, and gaskets for marine engines.

Automobile Oil SAE 10W30

Automotive oil with the SAE 10W30 specification can be used as a solution for outboard tilt-trim oil. In earlier Mercruiser trim pumps, for instance, it is advised that you should use SAE 10W30 oil.

SAE 10W-30 Formula by Amsoil Four-stroke outboard engine companies. It includes Bombardier/BRP, Evinrude, Honda, Johnson, Mercury, Nissan, Suzuki, Tohatsu, and Yamaha. You can use Four-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil to meet their insurance criteria.

When an owner’s handbook states SAE 5W30, 10W30, or straight SAE 30. You can also use SAE 10W30 outboard motor oil. Another alternative is Mobil 1 brand 10W30.

Type F transmission fluid

Boating motor tilt-and-trim oil can be substituted with transmission fluid type F. Because automatic transmission fluid contains a lot of detergents, double-check your owner’s manual. There seem to be numerous businesses that provide transmission fluid. Here we are recommending some of the popular ones.

5W or 10W SAE

For Mercruiser trim pumps, use SAE5W or SAE10W rather than just hustling liquid. Chainsaw oil and stitching equipment oil are two other quicksilver replacements. Mercruiser trim pumps should not be filled with automatic transmission fluid (ATF). The substance used in the valves on the trim recirculating pump is incompatible with the ATF.

Traditional Treatments

Outboard motor tilt-and-trim oil was replaced with 30-weight non-detergent motor oil in the 1970s.

What Kind of Fluid Does Evinrude Tilt and Trim Use?

Now you know the exact fluid name but you should also learn the type. Here, get some ideas.

What is the Colour of the Power Trim Fluid?

Hydraulic fluid can be a reddish or apparent color and also has a lower density. So if there’s an opportunity for it to seep out of the system, it will. When the actuator ram seals fail, the fluid leaks out around the bottom of the ram. It also drips down below the control tilt and trims motor.

Is It Possible to Utilise Power Steering Fluid from a Car on a Boat?

It’s the best oil for hydraulic-steering systems, although any oil that meets MIL 5606 specifications. Even 5W engine oil can be used in a pinch. Although many boaters utilize automatic transmission fluid in their power steering system, you should follow the operating manual.

How Do You Use Trim Tabs When the Water is Rough?

You’ll need to use the trim tab switch in the helm to decrease your trim tabs. It will be needed when learning how to trim a ship in choppy weather. Trim tabs are reduced to allow the bow to be lowered.

You can also sail in stormy waters at a slower speed.  You can choose between trim tabs and hydrofoils.

Would That be Actually Required to Use Trim Tabs?

Trim tabs that are the right size can cut the time it takes to get to the airport in half. They also enable a ship to maintain its bow low and stay on plane at slower speeds. The stern of the boat begins to dip as the throttle is pushed, elevating the bow.

How Should I Add Oil to my Trim Engine for Maximum Efficiency?

When the engine is lifted, a hexagonal nut from the tilt trim unit can be seen around the LHS. Unscrew the nut and inject some oil using a syringe or pump till the oil starts to flow again.

Then increase the nut a few times while minimizing. Finally, wait an hour or two and recheck. Whenever the oil is depleted, the reservoir is full.

Is it Possible to Tilt and Trim with Power Steering Fluid?

Is it Possible to Tilt and Trim with Power Steering Fluid

Substitute oils such as oil or power steering should not be used. Yamaha Performance Power Trim Tilt Liquid is specially developed to endure severe pressures.

And to handle a large amount of water intake while maintaining appropriate operation. You also need to know how to bleed a trim pump.

What More Oil Can You Use to Make Trim Tabs?

Any kind of fluid for automatic transmissions will suffice (ATF). Concerning the precise brand or type, don’t bother.

Any combination of these will function. Start by removing the Lexan covering from the HPU’s perimeter to add fluid. And look for the “filler stack” in the reservoir’s left front corner.


use for tilt and trim fluid

Why is it that my boat motor refuses to trim down?

There seem to be a few possible causes for it. If somehow the motor runs perfectly but still the engine won’t rise or drop, the boat wouldn’t trim.

It would also happen if it falls down while elevated, or won’t last long clipped, The water fluid or valve body component is most likely to blame for these. Monitor the level of the hydraulic power tank first.

How else would you drain a trim pump on a Mercruiser?

With such a flathead screwdriver, twist the fill connector on the upper side of either your trim pump tank counterclockwise.

Fill it up with hydraulic liquid until it meets the “Full” mark. Remove the fill screw and replace it. With an adaptable wrench, remove the upper left (Up) wire again from the trim cylinder.

So how would you check the trim on a tilt motor?

Consider the two heavy gauge cables which connect to the trim/tilt motor pump to check the motor directly, avoiding the relays and sensor cabling.

One ought to be green, while the other should just be blue. You’ll most likely be able to disconnect a fast detach plug near in which the wires discharge the outboard exhaust manifolds.

Why is it important to use the right type of fluid for trim and tilt?

Using the wrong type of fluid can damage the system and cause leaks, which can be expensive to repair. It’s important to use the fluid recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the system operates smoothly and safely.

What are some common types of trim and tilt fluid

The most common types of trim and tilt fluid are hydraulic steering fluid, power steering fluid, and ATF (automatic transmission fluid).

Can I mix different types of trim and tilt fluid?

No, it’s not recommended to mix different types of fluid. Mixing different types of fluid can cause the system to malfunction and may lead to costly repairs.

How often should I change the trim and tilt fluid?

It’s recommended to check the trim and tilt fluid level regularly and change it every 100 hours of operation or annually, whichever comes first.


I hope we have learned all about what can I use for tilt and trim fluid. Make sure the fluids in each motor are the same.

Otherwise one will rise faster than the other, making it difficult to trim two motors simultaneously.

Hydraulic steering fluid will also work but use the same in both motors. That’s all for today. Hope you can choose the perfect fluid.

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