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Replace the Boat Carpet With a Non-slip One – Best Options

Replace the Boat Carpet With a Non-slip One

Cruising around the water with your boat is always something fun. However, there are some boat conditions that can hinder the fun part. One of the most frustrating problems that hinder the overall boat experience is slippery decks.

Being unable to walk on the boat properly is really a headache! However, there are existing solutions for this problem. So, how to replace boat carpet with non-skid?

Firstly, you can apply truck bed liners on the boat deck. You can increase deck grip by this method. Secondly, you may try to install new carpets on the boat. New carpets will eliminate the slippery situation in no time. Finally, you can change the boat flooring type to woven vinyl. Utilizing any of this information is risky on its own. Go through the entire article to be more confident and find in-depth guidelines!

Alternatives Non-Skid Options for Boat Carpet

The slippery deck situation can be overwhelming at times. This problem is common in many boats; it’s even a renowned problem of the Stratos boat. But hey, here is the good news. You can rely on many methods to fix it! There are multiple solutions regarding the skidding boat deck.

To help you, I have mentioned the easy and effective ones here in this article. Along with that, I have given step-by-step guidelines and procedures. So without further ado, get right into it!

1: Use Truck Bed Liner

By reading the title of this method, you might think that it is absurd. Yet, it is quite effective. Putting truck bed liners on your boat can actually work like a charm! The surface of the boat deck will be more grippy.

There are a few options for the truck bed liner itself. You can get smooth liners and textured liners. Most pickup trucks have textured liners. They are also really easy to clean. Using a high-pressure hose will be enough to get all the dirt off! Applying the bed liners on the boat is easy. I have given the steps below. Follow them by sequence to see results!


Here are the steps to using a truck bed liner on your boat:

  • Firstly, you have to do some measurements. The truck bed liners need to be put in gaps. It is advised to keep a 1-2 inches gap between every line.
  • Secondly, put tape on the marks. You can use regular duct tape for this step. Make sure the tape is not wrinkled or damaged. That way, you can preserve the smoothness of the bed liners.
  • Thirdly, take some brushes and some bed liner. Normal paintbrushes will do this job. When picking the bed liner, make sure it is the same color as your boat. Take a wooden stick and stir up the bed liner.
  • Finally, start applying the bed liner. Apply the bed liner over the taped sections. The gap in the bed liners will in turn increase the grip even more. Apply 1-2 coats and let it dry fully.

These are the steps by which you can apply the bed liners to your boat! The bed liners really make good non-slip boat flooring.

2: Install a New Carpet

Install a New Carpet

Among the methods, this is probably the most anticipated and common method. Simply replacing the carpets on your boat can actually increase the grip. Additionally, it becomes more comfortable to walk on. Now, when choosing carpets, you cannot use regular carpets for this. The best choice would be marine-grade carpets for the boat.

High-quality marine-grade carpets should be the only option for this method. The carpet you will be applying or replacing should offer many resistance properties. For instance, UV, mildew, stain, rot, fading, etc resistance. Applying marine-grade carpets to your boat is a simple task. I have included the procedure for it down below. Check it out!


Here are the steps for applying marine-grade carpets to your boat:

  • Firstly, gather some equipment. Gather some plywood deck pieces, scissors, marine-grade carpet, heavy-duty staples, prybar, and screws. You will need all this equipment to successfully replace the carpet in boat cabin.
  • Then, start by removing the deck pieces of your board. You can use a prybar to pry the deck pieces out.
  • After that, take the plywood pieces and place them under the rolled-out carpet. Then, draw a chalk line around the wood. The perimeter should be kept 3-4 inches because we will need that space for the last step.
  • Afterward, cut the marine-grade carpet using a scissor. Take measurements of the spaces and cut accordingly.
  • After the cutting is done, you have to glue the pieces on the deck. Take some marine carpet glue and apply it to the deck. Follow proper instructions while applying the glue. By using any of the glues above, you can ensure maximum adhesive strength. Additionally, these glues are known for sticking for long periods of time.
  • Then, stretch the carpet cutting to the edges. Make sure there is at least some glue under them. While stretching, do not apply too much pressure. If the tensile strength’s too high, reducing the boat’s prop slip can rip the carpet out. That is why you should apply adequate pressure and avoid creating wrinkles.
  • Finally, staple the carpet edges to the back of the deck. Don’t staple too deep; it should be less than the deck width. After stapling, secure the deck with screws at the back.

These are the steps to replacing the carpet of your favorite boat! The process is very simple to follow

3: Snap-In Woven Vinyl Boat Flooring

Snap-In Woven Vinyl Boat Flooring

This method can add to the aesthetics of your boat as well. Adding woven vinyl flooring to your boat will completely change and upgrade its appearance!

Woven vinyl flooring provides a decent non-skid replacement for carpets. Although this option consists of some hard work, it definitely pays off. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best fishing boat flooring ideas. I’ve mentioned all the necessary information and steps to add woven vinyl flooring to the boat. Give it a good read.


Here are the steps for woven vinyl flooring for your boat:

  • To start off, create the flooring of the boat in 2 large pieces. Glue them together using vinyl cement.
  • Then, test fit the infinity flooring and secure it by snapping them around the edge perimeter. They will stay put that way. If you have multiple flooring pieces, consider adding binding to them.
  • After that, carefully lay out the patterning material. This material will ultimately define the detail when the work’s done. It’ll be a bit easier if you’re hemming the material like Chilewich. However, the infinity will be a bit harder to separate from the backing.
  • Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to clean out any leftover particles. Additionally, you have to vacuum regularly to keep the fabric clean.

If you’re looking for a snap-in boat carpet replacement, the woven vinyl can be perfect!

How to Replace Guide

 Boat Flooring

Step 1. Assess the surface and your vinyl material

You should first evaluate the vessel’s surface and the cover that needs to be replaced. Make sure there are no leftover foreign items or trash on the surface.

To remove leaves and make sure the surface is completely clean, use a blower or broom. Carefully unwrap the roll as you do so. Sharp edges from objects can damage your boat carpet while you’re prepared to replace it with vinyl.

To avoid damaging your vinyl, remove the packing carefully. The area where you are replacing the boat floor and carpet is where you should unroll your vinyl.

Step 2. Make necessary adjustments

Make sure there are enough vinyl rolls for all the surfaces you need to change. To alter the overhang needs to balance with the surface, check the vinyl on all sides. When crimps or wrinkles emerge on the vinyl, remove them immediately.

Once you’ve found the perfect position for the vinyl, place a few weighted things on one end of it. The weighted items over the replacement boat carpet area must be no more than 24 inches from the edge of the boat.

To straighten the vinyl, loosely roll it around the weighted objects at the boat’s opposite ends.

Step 3. Check your adhesives

Check your adhesives

Make sure you have the appropriate adhesive or glue when replacing the boat’s carpet and floor. Make sure your wood surfaces are RPVFG type. This vinyl boat adhesive covers around 8′ by 10′ or 80/SF per gallon. When replacing a boat carpet with vinyl, the temperature affects how soon it dries after application.

To replace the marine carpet, stay away from putting rolls of vinyl longer than 15 feet. In order to apply the material smoothly while the adhesive is still wet, do as such. To cover a large area, spiral the glue onto the surface.

Step 4. Apply vinyl and glue on the surface

While replacing the boat floor and carpet, apply the glue evenly to the surface. To evenly distribute the adhesive and completely cover the surface, use an average-sized paint roller.

The coverage and uniformity of the adhesion must be sufficiently thick. There must be no signs of adhesive spillage or dry areas left behind. Roll the vinyl carefully over the recently used adhesive or sealant. Put it together neatly, without any wrinkles.

When replacing the maritime carpet, if there are any creases, gently pull the vinyl roll away from the glue. To separate the vinyl, make it straight.

Step 5. Check consistent adhesion of your vinyl to the surface

Check consistent adhesion of your vinyl to the surface

To replace the boat floor and carpet as you see fit, completely roll up the vinyl until it encloses the adhesive. Use a hard-bristled brush or any clean rubber-edged squeegee to sweep the assembled surface. It will guarantee a constant and uniform connection.

Make sure there are no air pockets in any areas of your marine carpet where you want to replace it. Return to the beginning area and take the weighted items out of the vinyl. To see the surface that isn’t glued, roll back the vinyl. Use the same technique to replace the carpet in your boat with vinyl.

Step 6. Complete a clean replacement of your boat carpet

While replacing your boat’s floor and carpet, fill up all gaps. Make sure the newly applied adhesive materials slightly overlap one another. As long as the vinyl you used doesn’t dry, doing it that way is secure.

To check for complete adhesion, wide coverage, and a solid bond, try splitting the initial bond and the vinyl that has been glued. Repeat the aforementioned steps to finish. To learn how to replace boat carpet with vinyl in more detail, watch this Reel Life Fisherman video. Try out more YouTube video guides as well.


What is marine grade carpet?

Marine grade carpets are specifically designed and manufactured for boats. Boat carpets need to be different than regular carpets. There are requirements like longevity and quick dry time! That is where marine-grade carpets are useful. These feature modern materials that satisfy these conditions.

What kind of plywood do I need to renovate the boat?

You can use marine plywood for renovating boats. Regular plywood may make your boat prone to many damages; especially water damage. Yet, marine plywoods eliminate that part. You can use hand saws and other tools to cut marine plywoods and rebuild the boat interior! Go for the best marine plywoods.

How do you fix a soft floor in a boat?

Fixing a soft floor in a boat requires some sanding and some repairing. Most of the time, this problem is due to fiberglass weakening. In such cases, sand the area until the soft spot is visible. Then, sand the soft spot till it is lower than the area surrounding it. Create a cavity and fill it up with wood.

The Final Words

This is the final reach of this article. Hopefully, now you know how to replace boat carpet with non-skid. A good tip would be to put on non-skid shoes while on a boat. That’ll totally eliminate the chances of anyone slipping on the deck!

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