How to Mount a Transducer on an Aluminum Boat – Gather Equipment

fixing your outboard motor

Fishermen utilize a variety of instruments to assist them to discover suitable fishing areas. Even though fishing involves patience. A transducer is among the most effective instruments available. So, how to mount a transducer on an aluminum boat? First, you have to gather some equipment. Such as mounting plates, stainless steel nuts, zip ties, bolts, … Read more

12 Best Keel Guard 2023: Are They Worth Your Reliance or Not?

Keel Guard

Obviously, no sailor wants to have a damaged ship keel. I mean how could anyone even compromise with this protective piece of their ship. The keel guards provide optimum protection against damages caused by submerged objects. So, you won’t have to worry about submerged objects hitting your ships. This is exactly why professional sailors look … Read more