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How to Remove Oxidation From Aluminum Boat? – 3 Step Solution

how to remove oxidation from aluminum boat

Aluminum metal reacts with the oxygen present in the air. The reaction produces aluminum oxide on the surface of the metal. The smooth and shiny metal surface is soon replaced by a rough uneven surface. The same happens for marine aluminum things.

if you own an aluminum boat, at times you’ll ask how to remove oxidation from aluminum boat?

What Is Aluminum Oxidation?

Aluminum Boat Polishing

The oxidation of aluminum metal is a natural occurrence that happens as a result of the metal’s wear and tear. The phrases rust and corrosion are sometimes used interchangeably, yet they have different meanings.

Corrosion of the rust variety mostly affects iron and steel, especially when these substances come into contact with moisture. Corrosion, on the other hand, is the process through which metals deteriorate as a result of a chemical reaction.

Because aluminum doesn’t contain iron or steel, it doesn’t rust. Materials made of aluminum are specifically affected by oxidation.

Aluminum corrosion produces aluminum oxide, a white powdery and chalky layer that forms on the surface of aluminum to protect it from further corrosion. The metal is then anodised at this phase.

Oxidized aluminum can be restored by applying strong acids. But that procedure is not safe. The safest way to clean aluminum is to use aluminum cleaner available on the market. They are also called metal polish. For a small area, vinegar can be used.

The metal polish needs to be used following the right procedure. Otherwise, it will leave uneven crust and patches.

Let’s jump into using the method right away.

Oxidation on the Aluminium Boat Surface

Aluminium Boat Hull Corrosion repairs

If you are a beginner in fishing, you might find the unprepared problem. From boat setting on the trailer to the rusting and of boat, series of problems are present. You have to address your problems one by one.

When you are on a fishing trip, your metal boat comes in contact with water. As a result, this metal reacts with oxygen dissolved in the water. When you come back from a fishing trip you might find white spots on your boat.

If you don’t clean your board thoroughly after finishing a trip, the oxidation will increase. And the rusting will become worse by the time you prepare for your next trip.

If you are a regular user you must clean and polish your boat once a year. If you don’t follow this procedure your aluminum boat’s longevity will decrease.

How to Remove Oxidation From Aluminum Boat

Amazing aluminum boat cleaner

Now we will discuss the cleaning method step by step. But before that we’ll learn about the required ingredients

Required Apparatus

The easiest and safest way to clean Aluminium is by aluminum cleaners available on the market. They work well and restore the shiny surface of the aluminum. You have to follow the steps very carefully so that there remains no surface with patches.

The things you need before starting the procedure are :

  • Acid-resistant gloves
  • Eye protection goggles
  • Aluminium cleaner scrubber pad
  • Aluminium polish and
  • Few pieces of clean polishing cloths

You need to arrange a hose with fresh water supply for rinsing the chemical off. Now let’s get into the steps.

Step 1: Using Aluminium Cleaner

We will generously spray aluminum cleaner selecting a small section at a time. The aluminum cleaner may leave drip marks afterward. To avoid that we have to start from the bottom area and gradually reach the top.

We will try to maintain even strokes moving our spray in the same direction uniformly. This is done to keep the surface smooth. The cleaners will react with metal oxide and create foam. In that case, cleaning oxidize from

So when we notice the formation of foam, we will understand that the chemical has started working. Cleaning oxidized aluminium can get tricky sometimes.

Step 2: Scrubbing

Aluminum polishing

The next step is scrubbing. We will use a medium-sized scrub pad so that every little section is rubbed properly.

We will ensure to spread the cleaners uniformly over the top surface while we scrub. We will maintain steady pressure. This will have the cleaner reach every nook and corner, and penetrate into bigger oxidized areas.

We will move our hands in a circular motion. It will help the cleaner to spread uniformly without leaving any place.

Step 3: Rinsing and Polishing

In this step we have to rinse the surface and clean the chemical properly with fresh water. We will make sure that no cleaning chemical is left. Because that cannot be allowed to dry on the surface. If the chemical remains it will cause damage to the metal.

We will repeatedly rinse the surface with clean water until all the chemicals are cleaned. To restore the luster we need to polish aluminum to mirror finish. The polish will neutralize any remaining acids or Chemicals on the surface.

Moreover, it will put a protective coating around the surface. We will put the polish in a clean cloth. And rub it on the surface in a circular motion. We will try our best to give uniform coverage.

The piece of cloth will become discolored or dirty after a while. That means the oxides and patches are getting removed. After some time one side of the cloth will become dirty. Then we have to use the other side or replace the piece of cloth.

Otherwise, the oxides and residues will again go back to the surface. After the polish is dried, we will rub the surface with a clean soft cloth. The chalky oxidized surface may require repeated polishes.

Metal polish will reduce oxidation buildup. As a result, it will give a long-lasting shine with minimal effort.

Precautionary Measures

Cleaning aluminum pontoons


We already know that as aluminum ages patches form on the surface. The more time passes, the harder it becomes to get rid of them.

Metal oxides are hard substances and they cannot be cleaned without very strong acid cleaners. But we never should use this type of strong reagent. Especially the reagents containing hydrofluoric for other dangerous acids.

Remember how bad you may need to clean your aluminum, nothing is worth physical damage. Strong acid can cause serious damage to your skin and eyesight.


Can I use vinegar to remove aluminum oxidation?

Yes, vinegar can be used to remove aluminum oxidation. The using procedure is very simple. You have to soak a piece of cloth in vinegar and it rubs the oxidized aluminum surface. If the cloth doesn’t help, use a soft bristle toothbrush to scrub the surface. After the oxides are lifted, wipe them away with a soft cloth.

Why there are white spots on my aluminum boat?

Marine aluminum contains white spots on its body. To get rid of these white spots you have to polish your boat once a year. After every trip, you to make sure that you wash your boat properly.

How to use CLR to clean aluminum?

Don’t use CLR to clean aluminum. CLR is corrosive. It should not be used on marble, natural stones, metallic surface, plastics, laminates, aluminum, lead crystal, or any cracked surface.

What Conditions are Ideal for Cleaning an Aluminum Boat?

There are no particular requirements for cleaning aluminum boats, and the same is true of the climate. Nonetheless, it is advised to clean your boat on a day that is not predicted to be warm or sunny and not while the sun is at its zenith.

Because aluminum is a metal and metals heat up in the sun, this is the case. It doesn’t prevent you from doing anything you need to do, but maybe it may make some people uncomfortable, and I myself don’t like having to deal with hot aluminum.

Why Does Aluminum Oxidize If It’s Resistant to Rust?

Although aluminum doesn’t rust, it does oxidize differently. Although it is a part of the rusting process, oxidation is not rust. Oxidation, which results from exposure to oxygen, is followed by rust. Oxidation will still cause harm to aluminum, but not in the same manner that rust does.

What solution removes aluminum oxide?

The most common solution for removing aluminum oxide is a mixture of acid and water. This can be done using either a mixture of white vinegar and warm water, or a mixture of cream of tartar and boiling water.

Additionally, electrochemical cleaning using acids can also be used to remove aluminum oxide from the surface of aluminum.


Aluminum boat corrosion can be a headache when you plan to make a fishing trip. If you were getting frustrated over the oxidation of your aluminum boat, now you can rest easy.

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