Sufix 832 vs Power Pro: Which Is Better For You?

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It’s not a good feeling when your fishing line suddenly gets torn. Who knows what you might have caught if the line was intact. That’s why it’s fundamental to have the best fishing line to avoid circumstances like this. So, what are the differences, sufix 832 vs power pro? The braid quality of the sufix … Read more

Tohatsu vs Mercury: Which Outboard Is The Better One?

mercury vs tohatsu

Introduction You’re deciding to invest in a good outboard. Now a wrong investment can be an expensive mistake. So you’re now confused about this decision. So, which outboard should you choose between Tohatsu vs Mercury? It comes down to your preference. Now Tohatsu models are more high-tech and durable compared to the Mercury ones. On … Read more

Suzuki 4 Stroke Outboard vs Yamaha: Which Should You Go For?

yamaha vs suzuki motor

Investing in outboard motors is not a joke. They cost a lot of money. You can’t just buy another one if they aren’t living up to your expectations. That’s why you’ve to know them and pick the best one. So, which outboard motor should you get, Suzuki 4-stroke outboard vs Yamaha? Obviously, price-wise, Yamaha is … Read more