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Sufix 832 vs Power Pro: Which Is Better For You?

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It’s not a good feeling when your fishing line suddenly gets torn. Who knows what you might have caught if the line was intact. That’s why it’s fundamental to have the best fishing line to avoid circumstances like this.

So, what are the differences, sufix 832 vs power pro?

The braid quality of the sufix 832 is better than power pro. On top of that, sufix 832 can float underwater. On the contrary, power pro has better abrasion resistance. It’s also cheaper and more affordable than sufix pro. But the color of power pro can easily fade away.

Anyways, that was only a summary of the whole discussion. Stay with us and you’ll find a more detailed side-by-side comparison.

Sufix 832 vs Power Pro: Basic Differences

Sufix 832 Braid Tackle Breakdown

First of all, both fishing lines are top-tier products. If you ask around, you’ll find people defending both of them. However, there are some major and minor differences.

Knowing the key differences will help you understand the comparison better. Likewise, you wouldn’t know which to pick between raymarine vs garmin without understanding it.

That’s why we’ve made a short table for you:

Aspects  Sufix 832  Power Pro
Price Pretty Expensive Fairly Cheaper
Line Strength Stronger Slightly Weaker
Braid Quality Better Decent
Wind Knots Less More
Durability More Less
Casting Distance Short Long

Hopefully, you’ve got a basic idea about both of them. Now, let’s head to a comprehensive comparison.

Sufix 832 vs Power Pro: Detailed Comparison

Power pro,Sunline,Daiwa,Sufix 832

So, after going through the table, have you reached a conclusion yet? If you haven’t yet, don’t worry.

Stay with us and you’ll find more information as you read through.


Fishing is a great hobby. But there’s always a cost for it. That’s why many anglers have to care about pricing and total costs.

The sufix 832 is more expensive but it’s totally justified. It offers better braid quality, more line strength etc.

Technically, whatever power pro offers, the sufix offers more but for a price.

On the contrary, the power pro provides just enough for the right price. It has a decent braid and decent abrasive resistance. On top of that, it provides a better casting experience.

Winner: The power pro takes the first point.

Line Strength

PowerPro fishing line

Nobody likes it when the fishing line gets torn in the middle of catching something. It’s genuinely frustrating and desired by no one.

That’s why line strength is an important factor and it always will be. The line strength consistency is another sub-aspect you need to worry about.

In terms of consistency, sufix 832 wins over power pro. Even though sufix 832 has a smaller diameter, it surprisingly performs better.

On the contrary, the power pro isn’t anything bad or even near to it. But the consistency isn’t really there and a user might feel that when fishing.

Aside from that, if you compare the line strength only, sufix 832 is slightly better.

So, unless you’re really picky, you can just choose any. Sometimes both products offer the same performance.

For example, both Penn and Shimano are great fishing reels. That’s why it’s pretty hard to choose between them.

Simply put, the sufix 832 is strong, great to use, and super consistent. But while the power pro is moderately strong, it can’t impress like the sufix 832.

Winner: Sufix 832 secures this category as well.

Braid Quality

When it comes to fishing, the most important aspect is the braid quality. Both lines are braided but with different materials.

The sufix 832 uses an 8-strand braid system. These strands are called Dyneema fibers and there are 7 of them.

Nonetheless, the 8th fiber is called the Gore fiber which is stronger than Dyneema.

On the other hand, the power pro’s braid system has only 4 strands. The power pro fibers are called Spectra fibers.

They are also fairly strong but not enough due to fewer strands. But for a person who’s on a budget, power pro is definitely alluring.

Winner: Sufix 832 wins by a longshot.

Wind Knots

PowerPro fishing line guide

When fishing, there’s always a chance to get a wind knot. It’s super annoying to have that in your fishing reel. It also can be caused by fishing reels.

That’s why it’s advised to use a good quality fishing reel wherever you go fishing. Some of them can even make fishing seem easy.

Also, wind knots ruin the overall looks as well. Sometimes, these knots get so out of hand that it ruins your fishing experience.

A wind knot is when the extra fishing line doesn’t get reeled in properly. Instead, it may create a loop of its own.

In some circumstances, it may create a bunch of knots. As a result, you end up with a messy fishing line.

Since the sufix 832 has 8 strands in them, the fishing line is more round. Because of that, it’s easier to reel in. But it’s not that prominent but the difference is there.

So, if you can afford the price, definitely consider buying them.

In reverse, the power pro has 4 strands and is microscopically less round-shaped. Obviously, it’ll be harder to reel in a power pro. Also, there will be a higher chance of wind knots.

Winner: Sufix 832 wins by a slight margin.

Ultimately, wind knots mostly depend on the angler’s skill and can be avoided. But it’s not always possible. That’s why knowing how to skillfully untangle fishing reels might help you.


Strength and braid quality isn’t the only aspect that matters in fishing. It has to be durable as well. The durability of fishing lines depends on abrasive resistance.

The spectra fiber of power pro has amazing abrasive resistance. But there are only 4 of them in power pro.

On the contrary, the Dyneema fiber is also great in abrasive resistance. Since there are 7 Dyneema and 1 gore fiber, the sufix 832 is easier to reel with.

Winner: Sufix 832 keeps the lead.

Casting Distance

Having a great casting distance adds to the feeling. When you throw that line and it flies off, it sure feels great.

In terms of casting distance, the sufix 832 suffers from being heavy. You won’t be able to cast far with a sufix 832. This is a noticeable difference too.

On the other hand, the power pro is lighter and can travel much further. It’s softer and can float well. So, ultimately, the power pro will feel more snappy.

Winner: The power pro scores for the first time.


best fishing line faqs

Does Sufix 832 float or sink?

The sufix 832 doesn’t float because of having gore fiber which is heavy. But don’t worry. It doesn’t sink either and it’s superbly buoyant fiber.

How many strands have Power Pro braided line?

The power pro braided line has 4 strands. So it’s less round-ish and harder to reel. But it’s lighter and offers a great casting distance.

Can fish see the braided line?

The braided line has multiple advantages over fluorocarbon lines. But it’s easily detectable by fish. In fact, braided lines are one of the most visible lines out there.

Which brand of fishing line is the strongest?

Sufix 832

When it comes to strength, braided lines are generally considered to be the strongest type of fishing line. They’re made up of many small strands that are tightly woven together, which makes them very strong. They’re also great for catching big fish because they can handle a lot of pressure.

However, braided lines are not always the best choice when it comes to durability. They can often break if you’re not careful, so you might want to stick with a more traditional fishing line if this is an issue for you.

Final Words

You don’t hold back when it comes to fishing and we didn’t either. That was all we could provide on sufix 832 vs power pro. We hope that you’ve found what you were looking for!

Finally, best of luck, and happy fishing!

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