How to Increase Compression on a 2-Stroke Outboard – Boost Your Boat’s Performance

how to increase compression on a 2 stroke outboard

The 2-stroke engine is a relatively simple design that completes its power cycle (intake, compression, combustion, exhaust) in two strokes of the piston, which makes it very powerful.  A 2-stroke engine doesn’t use valves to regulate the fuel/air intake or exhaust gas exit, so it has fewer moving parts and is smaller and lighter. Do … Read more

6 Reasons Why Outboard Will Not Throttle Up: Troubleshooting Outboards

Troubleshooting Outboards

The outboard motor has an engine, gearbox, and propeller. All of which determine the overall performance of the outboard. Since there are multiple components inside, you face many different problems. One of them is outboard not throttling up properly. What are the reasons why the outboard will not throttle up? Outboards may stop throttling up … Read more