Carolina Rig – A Complete Guide

Carolina Rig - A Complete Guide

Fishing isn’t just a sport or a hobby; for many, it’s an art form. It combines patience, skill, and the right equipment to outsmart a fish and reel it in successfully. Among the multitude of techniques and rigs anglers use, the Carolina Rig stands out as one of the most versatile and effective methods for … Read more

Hook Size For Bass Guide – Maximize Your Catch

As an experienced angler, I’ve shared countless sunrises and sunsets with our gilled friends. I’ve felt the exhilaration of bass taking the bait and the challenge of reeling it in. But every fishing tale starts with the same humble hero – the hook. Today, let’s delve deep into the world of these useful fishing tools, … Read more

10 Best Drop-Stitch Kayaks 2023 – Best in Class


Kayaks are small, narrow boats that are propelled by a double-bladed paddle and are used for a variety of recreational activities such as fishing, touring, and whitewater kayaking, as well as for exploring and camping trips. The word “kayak” means “hunter’s boat” in Inuit and has been used by indigenous peoples in the Arctic for … Read more

How to Increase Compression on a 2-Stroke Outboard – Boost Your Boat’s Performance

how to increase compression on a 2 stroke outboard

The 2-stroke engine is a relatively simple design that completes its power cycle (intake, compression, combustion, exhaust) in two strokes of the piston, which makes it very powerful.  A 2-stroke engine doesn’t use valves to regulate the fuel/air intake or exhaust gas exit, so it has fewer moving parts and is smaller and lighter. Do … Read more