Yamaha SX190 Problems – 5 Issues Solved!

Yamaha SX190 Problems and Solutions

Yamaha is a trusted name and a quality brand. They are well known for their reliability. However, like every other manufacturer, their products can face various problems as well. But what are the Yamaha sx190 problems? Yamaha sx190 mainly faces engine problems. Apart from that, there are other problems like high maintenance costs, the touchscreen … Read more

Boat Tachometer Not Working – 4 Reasons & Solutions

Boat Tachometer Solutions

Are you facing unwanted issues with your favorite boat? I can understand how frustrating it can be for a boat lover. On top of that if the problem is with the tachometer then it gets more confusing. Since it’s a crucial part of your boat engine, a nonfunctional tachometer means a nonfunctional boat engine.  Who … Read more