7 Best Kayaking Shoes 2021: Staying Comfortable On The Water

While there is nothing to stop you going barefoot or wearing everyday sneakers when you paddle your kayak, you’ll be more comfortable if you choose shoes specially made for watersports – also don’t forget to dress properly. In this article, you will find how to choose the best kayaking shoes for the season. Kayaking shoes will … Read more

10 Best Kayak Seat 2021 – Ultimate Guide

best kayak seat

Sit-on kayaks are a great way to have fun on the water. Easy to transport and use, they are ideal for beginners as it’s very straightforward to get back on a sit-on kayak after capsizing. There is no need to learn how to Eskimo roll. You won’t need a spray deck either. This type of watercraft … Read more

Rainbow Oasis Kayak Review: An Incredibly Stable Kayak in 2021

Rainbow Oasis Kayak Review

Rainbow Kayaks are a subsidy of the Italian thermoplastic company Euro-Tank Nord Sr, are the first Italian kayak company and have been in production for 20+ years. While most Americans are probably unfamiliar with the brand, they have a steady following and are especially popular as rental kayaks, thanks to their durability and stability. One … Read more

7 Best Ultralight Fishing Rods 2021: Going Light

Ultralight Fishing Rod

An ultralight fishing rod is very much what it sounds like – it’s very light weight. However, it’s not just the rod that’s light. It’s designed to be used with very lightweight accessories too, including the reel, lures, and line. Ultralight rods tend to be shorter than offshore rods, and are best suited for smaller … Read more