Jump-Fishing From A Kayak: Basic Tactics And Gear

If you’ve never tried jump-fishing, you’ve been missing out. It is one of the most exciting kinds of fishing there is, right up there with Big Game Blue-Water fishing. The action is fast and furious. Most people have heard of a shark Feeding Frenzy, or a Piranha Frenzy. This is where the predator fish are … Read more

The Complete History of Plastic Worms for Fishing

1949 was a very important year for bass fisherman. The Soviet Union tested its first nuclear bomb, China became a communist country, the first Polaroid cameras hit the market, and in a humble basement in Akron, Ohio, Nick and Cosma Creme experimented cooking up vinyl, oils and pigments to use in making soft, pliable, life-like … Read more

Jerk Baits For Bass Fishing: All You Need To Know

Definition: A Jerk on the end of a fishing line, waiting for a jerk on the other end….. Of all the lures you could use for bass, there are few that can top a jerk bait for consistency. They seem to work at times when nothing else does. And they are very easy to use, … Read more

How To Catch Sunfish: Proper Rig, Bait & More Fishing Tips

The internet is a great place to learn things. Fishing is no exception.But of all the dozens and dozens of websites about fishing, most of them seem to cater to bass, crappie, trout and other major gamefish. But what about the people who just enjoy catching a few sunfish? Information on sunfish secrets is a … Read more

The 10 Best Fishing Lures Ever: Baits That Revolutionized Fishing

Most anglers will agree that there are many lures that just about revolutionized fishing, and are still top lures today. These are my picks for the all-time greatest fishing lures ever made. They are not in any particular order. I used various criteria, such as longevity, popularity, success-rate, and availability. You may not agree with … Read more

The Complete Guide To Bowfish From A Kayak Using Slingbows

I am often asked if it is possible to bowfish from a kayak. The answer is, yes…and no. Most kayaks do not allow you to safely stand up, and the cramped cockpit and limited space make it difficult to fool with full length arrows and a normal-sized bow, especially if you use inflatable kayaks like … Read more

Frog Gigging From a Kayak: The Complete Guide

If you are a night owl, like I am, frog-gigging is tailor-made for you. I love the peaceful sounds of a lake at night, and the soft muggy humid air. You usually don’t see many other people out at night, so you pretty much have the water to yourself. And I love fried frog legs.  … Read more