10 Best Folding Kayak Trailer 2022 – Transport Your Kayak Easy

Folding Trailer transportation

If you’re in search of the best folding kayak trailer, you came to the right place! We’re here to provide you with not one but five amazing options that will make transporting your kayak a piece of cake! Finding the best folding kayak trailer can often prove quite challenging. Not only is the Internet filled … Read more

Can You Kayak in the Rain? – Surviving the Storm

rainy kayaking

There are certain activities and experiences in life that we always want to do. Being hooked on something and considering it your go-to hobby is enough for you not to think clearly and to always want to do it. Despite evident danger and challenges that would you be better without, having fun and chasing that … Read more

Short Kayaks VS Long Kayaks: Which One Do You Need?

Short Kayaks VS Long Kayaks

Browsing through the stores and the whole market, in general, can be exciting, but also a little bit overwhelming. It is arguably the worst and the most difficult when you do not know much about the commodity you are hunting for, which is usually the case when people are buying kayaks. As a newcomer to … Read more