Salt-away vs Salt Off: Which Is the Better Salt Remover? – Get Rid of the Salt From Your Boat

Wondering how to get rid of the salt from your boat, motor, or even your car? Look no further, we’ve come up with what you need.

You could be a professional or an amateur angler. Or you could be living in a coastal region.

That’s why you probably have a lot of accumulated salt on your boat or your car.

Yes, the accumulated salt is harmful and can cause corrosion or rust.

That’s why you’re probably looking for a salt remover.

So which salt remover is better salt away vs salt off?

The better salt remover between salt away and salt off depends on your preference.

The Starbrite Salt off solution makes it last longer than the salt away.

But the protective coating of the salt-away is more effective and lasts longer.

However, Salt-away is safer to use. But salt-off is cheaper.

We’ve discussed these factors in detail throughout the entire article. Do stick with us till the end to find out more about it.

So, let’s begin.

Quick Comparison

Salt-away vs Salt Off benefits

Salt-Away is a non-toxic, biodegradable water-based solution. It has the ability to dissolve, release, and eradicate salts from any surface.

With regular usage, Salt-Away will protect your boats, vehicles, motors,  and equipment against salt corrosion.

Salt Off with PTEF from Starbrite is designed to remove salt deposits from all surfaces. Such as metal, fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, glass, plastic, and painted surfaces swiftly and effectively.

Although both salt removers have similar characteristics, they have some differentiating factors.

Let’s take a glance at the factors that make the two different.

Factors Salt-Away Salt Off
Solution 500:1 512:1
Safety More Less
Protective Coating Lasting Period More Less
Price $45-$50 $35-$40

Now, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Follow the article for a more detailed analysis.

Salt-Away vs Salt Off: Head-to-head Analysis

After you’re done catching your king mackerel or mackerel you should clean your boat.

To get rid of the salt from the boat you should use salt-away or the Starbright salt off.

Before moving on to the details do note a few things.

Both salt removers are quite similar to each other. Hence, a lot of characteristics are similar.

After you’re done catching your king mackerel or mackerel you should clean your boat.

To get rid of the salt from the boat you should use salt-away or the Starbright salt off.

Now that being said, we can dive into the details.


Salt-Away Product Review

You need more solution per liter of water for the Salt off.

The recommended solution for the salt away is 500:1.

This implies that you need to add 500 ml of solution per liter of water.

This means that you can use 32oz of Salt away from the solution with 500000 liters of water.

On the other hand, the recommended solution ratio for the salt-off is 512:1.

This implies that you need to add 500 ml of solution per liter of water.

This means that you can use a 32oz salt-off solution with 512000 liters of water.

As a result, you can use the salt-off for a longer time.

Winner: Salt off.

Safety Concerns

Safety Concerns

See both the products are environmentally friendly. They are biodegradable and do not contain toxic chemicals that could harm humans and animals.

But, when you want to compare the two products then the Salt-away is considered safer.

Because Starbrite comes with the caution of eye and skin irritants.

If the Starbrite solution comes in contact with the skin it could cause irritation. So, it could also harm your pets.

Besides, if the solution goes in your eyes it could cause irritation.

If it comes in contact with your eyes you should rinse your eyes. You should keep rinsing your eye as long as the irritation doesn’t stop.

You should also contact a doctor if the irritation persists.

On the other hand, the Salt-away is considered safe.

When used around children, pets, or gardening, Salt-Away will not harm them.

However, it is still advised to avoid direct contact with the substance.

Winner: Salt-Away

Protective Coating Lasting Period

Both the salt removers create a protective layer to repel further salt corrosion or rusting. Using a salt remover is as important as lubing the steering cable on a boat.

But when it comes to how long this layer lasts the Salt-Away edges ahead.

When Salt-Away is applied, it removes the salt from surfaces and leaves a protective coating on them. The coating remains until they are exposed to water or salt again.

If not rinsed off, special high-performance corrosion inhibitors in the product assist preserve metals from corroding. Salt-Away will not remove wax, leave streaks, or leave stains.

Salt-Away has been proven to cut salt removal maintenance time by 75 percent!

Similarly, Salt Off also has a similar mechanism. But it’s not as effective as the Salt-Away. The coating lasts for less time.

Winner: Salt-Away


When it comes to pricing, the Starbrite Salt-off is cheaper.

But sometimes you shouldn’t look at the price tag. Especially when it comes to protecting your boat with a salt remover.

See, both the salt removers are quite good when it comes to removing salt from surfaces. Granted there are some pros and cons for both.

Well, the good news is there are different sizes of containers available for both products. Thus, it’ll not cost you a fortune to buy either of the products. As you have the option to go for the smaller ones.

But for comparison, we’ve set a fixed size of the containers. That is 1 gallon. We’ve compared the price of both the products for their 1-gallon containers.

The Salt-away will cost you around $45 to $50 for a gallon. Hold on! Don’t panic. It’s a gallon container. You’ll probably end up using this for a few years. So, you don’t need to spend $50 regularly.

The same goes for the Starbrite Salt-of. But Starbrite Salt-off is much cheaper than the Salt-Away. It’ll cost you around $35 to $40 for a 1-gallon container.

In this part, we’ve only discussed the solid price of the two products. But depending upon the effectiveness and performance the products can last longer or shorter, which could make either product more profitable than the other.

Winner: Salt Off


Can Salt Away be used as a motor flush?

Yes, salt away can be used as motor flush. It could be used as a motor flush for inboard, outboard, I/O, and PWC motors.

As well as a general cleaner to remove salt from any surface.

Can you use salt away on a jet ski?

Yes, you can use salt-away on a jet ski. Salt away can be used on the exterior as well as to flush the motor of the jet ski.

Does Salt-Away remove boat wax?

If you’re wondering whether Salt-Away will remove boat wax, the answer is no. Salt-Away is designed to remove salt from boats and other vehicles, not wax.

Wax is a protectant that helps keep your boat’s paint and gel coat looking shiny and new. Over time, however, it can build up and become difficult to remove. That’s when you might need a dedicated boat wax remover.

Can only water remove salt corrosion?

Can only water remove salt corrosion

Yes, only water can remove salt corrosion. But it is not as effective as the salt removers. You’ll find a significant difference when you use a salt remover.

Does Salt-Away cause corrosion?

No, Salt-Away does not cause corrosion. In fact, it is formulated to prevent corrosion by removing salt and other minerals from surfaces.

How long until salt causes rust?

Saltwater is highly corrosive and will cause rust fairly quickly.

If your boat is regularly exposed to salt water, you should be sure to check for rust regularly and take steps to prevent it.

Also, it depends on the type of metal, the concentration of salt, and the amount of time exposed to salt water, but in general, it doesn’t take long for salt to start causing rust.

Final Verdict

See both the salt removers are good. There are some factors where one comes on top of the other. Depending on the factors it’s up to you to decide which one to use.

When it comes to protective coating and effectiveness the salt edges ahead. So, if you want a more effective salt remover then you should opt for Salt-Away.

Besides, Salt-Away is also safer to use. It causes fewer health hazards.

However, if you want to use it for a longer time then Salt-off is the better option. As the solution of salt off enables it to use more water than the Salt-away.

Other than that the salt-off comes at a cheaper price. Ranging from $35-$40 dollars for a 1-gallon solution. On the other hand, the Salt-away will cost you around $45 to $50 for a 1-gallon solution.