Paddle Float Re-Entry – Must-Know Techniques

katak re entry 2

A paddle float re-entry is a rescue technique involving the use of an upside-down kayak and your own body. It can be used to get back into a kayak that has capsized and, provided you have righted it correctly, will usually work even if you are tired or injured – so long as you know … Read more

Traditional Greenland Paddle vs Euro-Blade – 2022 Complete Comparison Guide

Traditional Greenland Paddle vs Euro-Blade

Although traditional kayak paddle designs tend to differ slightly from region to region, most can be categorized as belonging to either the Greenland or Aleut paddle styles. However, while these two traditional kayak paddle styles served their users very well for thousands of years, it is important to keep in mind that indigenous peoples used … Read more

Is It Better To Paddle Or Pedal While Kayak Fishing?

There isn’t a definite answer to the question, “is it better to paddle or pedal while kayak fishing? It depends on the water condition and the kind of fish species you are trying to hunt. Before getting deeper into the discussion, know that kayaking isn’t as easy and calm as it might seem to you. … Read more

How to Hold the Paddle – Kayak Beginner Tips

How to Hold the Paddle

Before we start paddling, we need to learn the correct technique to hold the paddle. Although this might sound obvious, there are some tricks worth knowing. When you swim, you bend your fingers slightly into the form of a cup. Most kayak paddles do the same with their blades. The cup of the blade is … Read more