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Is It Better To Paddle Or Pedal While Kayak Fishing?

There isn’t a definite answer to the question, “is it better to paddle or pedal while kayak fishing? It depends on the water condition and the kind of fish species you are trying to hunt. Before getting deeper into the discussion, know that kayaking isn’t as easy and calm as it might seem to you. It requires an excellent level of skill and vigilance because playing in the water is as dangerous as it can get. If you are confused about buying a paddle kayak or pedal kayak, this article will help you.

Difference Between A Paddle Kayak And A Pedal Kayak

Paddle Kayak

Before getting to the actual point, let us first understand the fundamental difference between the two different types of kayaking. So basically, a paddle kayak is the traditional kayak that comes with a paddle. A paddle is a long pole with flaps or board blades at the two ends. When kayaking, you move the paddle in a motion where one board blade is out of the water at one time, and the other is in the water.

This is a repetitive motion that pushes the boat or the kayak in a forward direction. Paddling requires great arm and upper torso strength because the force of water is so much to tire you quickly. Paddle kayaking is still in practice where it is suitable; however, most fishers prefer pedal kayak, which is faster and easier.

Pedal Kayak

On the other hand, a pedal kayak is a modern kayak with built-in pedals to push the boat forward. Pedal kayaks are convenient because they have more storage and built-in mounts for your fishing gear. Moreover, the pedal kayaks allow you to have a free hand motion because you use your feet to drive the kayak on the water. People prefer pedal kayaks mostly when fishing in fast and deep waters.

Is It Better To Paddle Or Pedal While Kayak Fishing?


As we know, controlling a boat or kayak on the water is as difficult as it can get. It is because a fluid surface, either static or moving, makes it so hard to drive your kayak on it, especially when fishing. You need a high level of skill to row your boat on the water. Now, if you are a beginner and wondering is it better to paddle or pedal while kayak fishing, you will seek your answer in the next section.

Remember, it greatly depends on the state of water. You can decide to take your paddle kayak or pedal kayak just by selecting the type of water you are going to be fishing in. For instance, if you plan to hunt species of fish that reside in deep waters, fast-flowing waters, and the area where it gets rainy unexpectedly, you should use your pedal kayak. It is because a pedal kayak comes with built-in pedals. You use your feet to push the pedals while snugly sitting in the kayak.

Easy Pedaling, Mounting Option On A Pedal Kayak

Moreover, pedaling makes it extremely easy to fish that are either swimming in the sand bed or oyster bed. You can easily anchor your kayak and use a fishing rod to catch the fish. Pedaling provides freehand movement because only your feet are involved in pushing the boat forward. Other than that, the pedal kayak has many storages and mounting options, which makes your experience a lot easier. You can even mount your fishing rod when you feel like it, and the fish will come to the lure no matter what.

In addition to that, pedaling a kayak comes in handy when the weather and water condition isn’t in your favor. For example, if, by chance, you have to drive the boat in the opposite direction of the currents and wind, pedaling will make it much more manageable. Moreover, if its rains, you can quickly escape the situation by pedaling because pedal kayaks are faster and more accurate.

Paddle Kayaks Are Better For Shallow And Still Waters

If you are a paddle kayaker, know that you have mastered your skills. Paddle kayak is way better than pedal kayak in terms of stability and accuracy. A paddle kayak allows you to have more control over the boat. You can turn in any direction and do wonders in the water if you are a paddler. However, it is a wise decision to paddle in shallow and slow waters because paddling is quieter than pedaling. You wouldn’t want to scare away the fish with the nose of a pedal kayak.

In addition to that, the pedal kayaks are heavily mechanized, which adds so much weight to your boat. On the other hand, because the traditional paddle kayaks are lightly mechanized, you will have to worry less about the mechanical breakdown. The less weight and easy pushing is a plus in the paddle kayaks. Therefore, the question: “ is it better to paddle or pedal while kayak fishing can be answered by you only. In the end, the choice comes down to you because it depends on the conditions and your personal preference.


Is a paddle kayak better than a pedal kayak?

You cannot choose whether a paddle kayak is better or a pedal kayak. It depends on your personal preference and water conditions. Some paddlers perform better than the pedlars. Pedal kayak takes the lead when it comes to speed and convenience. However, paddle kayaks allow for more control over the boat; there is less weight to the kayak, making floating easy.

Is pedal kayak suitable for fishing?

Pedal kayak is definitely suitable for fishing, especially for anglers. It is because it allows for freehand motions since you are using your feet to push the pedals. Moreover, there are many mounting options on the kayak that adds to the convenience of your overall fishing experience.

What type of fishing can you do with a paddle kayak?

You can do all kinds of fishing with a paddle kayak only if you have a higher skill level because some people cannot let go of their traditional paddle boats. However, if you are open to advancement and like to use both, we recommend a paddle kayak for quiet and shallow waters. Pedaling is unnecessary in such water because such kayaks are noisy and heavy; therefore, a paddle kayak would do good in static and shallow waters.

Final Thoughts

Kayak fishing requires a remarkable skill level, and fortunately, it has been made easy with the advancing technologies. You can now get your hands on kayaks with built-in foot pedals, motors, and advanced design to increase speed and stability. However, new technologies don’t mean the old ones should be wholly discarded because they are as good as the new ones. The above article will help you decide what kayak to use depending upon different conditions.

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