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How to Make a Kayak Seat More Comfortable – Important Comfort Levels

Kayak Seat More Comfortable

Using a vessel to traverse the waters and get to where you want to be is how people have been doing things for generations.

Be it an old-timey wooden boat that is barely holding together or something modern and latest in the world of personal vessels, it hardly matters as long as it does the job.

However, for certain situations and activities, it truly does matter what you take out in the water and how you use it.

For example, right now, the most popular type of small personal boat is the kayak. It is equally important to fishermen and those looking for recreation.

Kayaks can be used for nature photography, hunting, and even as exercise and sports. They are arguably the most versatile vessel out there too as you can fit them with all sorts of amazing gear.

There are plenty of mounts, molds, hatches, and rails that can hold all sorts of gear whether it is for fishing or something else.

Now, all of that is perfectly fine and dandy but there is one issue that even the kayaks do not seem to always have figured out.

That would be the comfort, specifically how comfortable the seat is. As you can imagine, it is not ideal to spend the whole day out in the wilderness, on the water, in something as small as a single-person boat.

You need as much comfort as possible but all you really get with kayaks is the seat. Or do you?

Kayaks and Seats

Kayaks and Seats

In reality, not every kayak comes equipped with a dedicated seat. Therefore, the answer to the titular question of how to make a kayak seat more comfortable cannot be answered so easily.

Many kayaks, especially entry-level and budget options, do not come with actual seats, only molded areas where you sit. There is no cushioning, backrest, elevation… no comfort at all.

What this means is that unless you have a dedicated seat as an extra feature on a kayak, there will be no comfort to experience.

Even certain kayaks that have special seats that can be taken out at any time do not really do much on that front.

The seats the manufacturer packs alongside the vessel are usually not comfortable at all.

Those who care about their comfort and back support take them out immediately and exchange them for something else or do something else to make them more comfortable.

So what can be done?

Getting a Better Seat

This is the most logical solution to go with. When buying a kayak for recreational or fishing purposes, you really need to pay close attention to the seat it has. It is by far one of the most important features.

Alongside the type of kayak and how well it will suit your physique and the activity you want, there is nothing more important than the comfort and support of the seat.

If the vessel you like does not have it, or if it is obviously not enough to satisfy you, you should think about buying one separately.

There are some amazingly comfortable seats out there that not only offer more coziness but also ergonomic support for the lower back.

They are also adjustable both in terms of height and how much they can recline. Something like this is crucial for spending hours or even days in a kayak.

Reinforce It

Reinforce It

If your kayak already has a seat but it is lacking some important comfort levels or extra features, you can perhaps do something about it.

The easiest thing is to make it more comfortable. Although not the ideal solution, it beats spending extra money on a different seat and it is a viable option if you do not take your kayak out that often.

Using support pillows, back pillows, and other ergonomic products to increase comfort is always an option, just like you would with any other chair in your home.

When it comes to the sitting position, rails can be added to the seat to make it slightly higher.

Moving the chair in front a bit may allow you to have more room behind it or even to recline the back a bit.

Of course, there needs to be some imagination, some use of tools, and willpower to make it happen.

Make Your Own

Make Your Own

For the ultimate DIY enthusiasts, making your own kayak seat is the ultimate tip and solution for a more comfortable experience.

Sure, you need to be handy with tools. Of course, you must first design it and think hard about what materials to use.

However, once you do make it, there will be no better seat out there than the one you made yourself.

Since you are the person behind it, it means that the seat is meant for you, for your behind, and to support your lower back.

You know best what suits and comforts you, what extra features you may need, and how skilled you are.

Those with their own workshops and plenty of tools always looking for the next project will be happy to know that many kayakers make their own seats.

Turning another chair into a kayak chair also counts as making your own. It is the easiest way of doing it. Simply cutting the legs off it and making it fit inside the kayak cockpit is more than enough.

Everyone has a bunch of chairs they do not use lying around. Why not use one, put in some work, and never again worry about comfort levels as you paddle?

Invest in a High-End Kayak

Invest in a High-End Kayak

Last but not least, the best tip and the easiest solution to getting the best seat experience are to invest in a brand-new kayak.

The fact you require so much comfort out of the vessel means it is an important part of your life. And since it is so important, you should not spare it.

If your old kayak is no longer satisfying your needs, swap it for a new one but make sure it has the best seat you can afford.

Of course, it is the most expensive solution, but also the one that makes the most amount of sense if you need nothing but the best.

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